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THRIVE's 2021 highlights: 109 new customers and 100% renewals for 2022 and beyond

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THRIVE finishes a standout year with 109 new customers, 55 new faces, 2 new products and an ever-evolving offering that is creating engaging, addictive learning experiences for 1.9m users worldwide.

In 2021, THRIVE transformed learning cultures for 109 new customers. Now, they’re working with 189 customers in total, and they’ve secured 100% renewals for 2022 and beyond.

They also welcomed 55 new faces to the company in 2021, including 7 people based in the US where they opened their Boston office in the summer. This influx of new talent takes them to 100+ people across 4 offices in 3 countries, and they’re still on the lookout for more industry leaders as they scale. Take a look at THRIVE’s current vacancies here.

THRIVE released 2 new products in 2021

Content Club and Data Lab were released to complement their next-gen learning platform, THRIVE LXP, in an ever-evolving offering designed to give you all the tools to rocket-fuel your learning culture. 

The Content Club works with your L&D team to create campaign-led content that’s already mapped into learning pathways for you. In 2021, THRIVE created 335 new Content Club resources, and if you’ve got any content gaps, they’ll fill them for free. 

Then, there’s Data Lab - your own team of data analysts; working with you to measure the real impact of learning activity and prove ROI so you can maximise your investment and align your L&D strategy with your wider business goals.

2021 also saw a huge range of features added to THRIVE LXP. From the Manager’s Dashboard and automatic translations to a new homepage and a Slack integration, find out more about some of the most significant additions to THRIVE LXP in 2021 here.

Transforming learning cultures across the globe

THRIVE created engaging, addictive learning experiences for 1.9 million users worldwide in 2021. In turn, those learners generated 13.2 million content views through THRIVE LXP and completed 6.4 million pieces of content - a 248% increase compared to 2020. 

They also collected 239 million points and over 685,000 badges; contributing 950,000 platform searches and 56,236 pieces of user-generated content in the process.

Ready to find out how THRIVE can level up your learning culture? Check out THRIVE LXP, Content Club and Data Lab today.