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THRIVE LXP launches powerful new Manager's Dashboard

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Stay on top of your team’s development with THRIVE LXP’s Manager’s Dashboard; a new interface that gives managers a seamless overview of their team, compliance, events, leaderboard and assigned learning.

THRIVE has added a powerful new feature to THRIVE LXP, designed to give managers a slick, simple, real-time view of learning across their teams. 

The Manager’s Dashboard shows completed, upcoming and overdue assignments for all your direct reports. Plus, you’ll be able to toggle and show the same progress for other learners across your organisation too. 

The dashboard includes filters that let you take a closer look at particular pieces of content, individual learners and managers; giving you a detailed breakdown of activity so you can quickly spot any gaps in their learning, assign tasks and export reports.


THRIVE LXP’s Manager’s Dashboard gamifies learning with the inclusion of a leaderboard that ranks your team based on the points they’ve earned by engaging with content.

What’s more, through the Events tab, you’ll be able to see your team’s upcoming events, information about the sessions, time and location, as well as the number of people attending and their email addresses. 

By putting all the key information at your fingertips, presented in an easy-to-analyse fashion, the Manager’s Dashboard strips away the time and effort it takes to stay on top of your team’s development.

The best part? You’ll receive a manager’s digest, directly to your inbox.

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