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THRIVE LXP launches new collaborations feature, bridging the gap between endorsed and user-generated content

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Fast-growing learning platform, THRIVE, launches a new collaborations feature, allowing assigned users to collectively post as one voice of authority and expertise.


Collaborations are the latest addition to THRIVE’s next-gen learning platform, THRIVE LXP; bridging the gap between endorsed and user-generated content.

An endorsed group of users, collaborations allow assigned accounts to post and share content on behalf of an internal team, brand or subject. Complete with their own unique name and thumbnail, collaborations stand out as a voice of authority and expertise on your learning experience platform.

Each assigned member will be able to post, update and monitor content shared by the group. So, for example, teams like HR and Marketing can post to the platform, manage content and answer any questions in one voice, as opposed to individual authors learners may not be familiar with.

Collaborations will also be particularly useful for those who post to the platform on behalf of a senior leader, such as a CEO or internal experts, giving assigned members of your team control over the content.

What’s more, if an individual leaves the organisation, or a new starter comes in as the expert for a specific field, the collaborations feature makes content handovers easy, maintaining one, recognisable source of information and answers in the process.

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