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THRIVE launches biggest LXP release of the year with features including broadcasts, browser extension and learning analytics

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THRIVE today announced the launch of a range of new learning experience platform features including a live video broadcasting tool, a browser extension to facilitate learning in the flow of work and all new learning analytics.


Live video is the most authentic way to communicate updates, company news and announcements to employees working from home. Mark Ward, Chief Technical Officer at THRIVE commented:

“With the nation going back into lockdown, now more than ever your LMS needs to do more than just deliver training. We built broadcasts to bring companies together and get important messages out to employees wherever they're working.“

One of THRIVE’s latest feature releases is broadcasts, a built-in live video streaming tool that allows business leaders to connect with their entire organisation in real-time.

L&D teams are able to create, schedule and manage live events all in one place. The new feature will enable leaders and learners to engage a specific audience group or every employee at once. Broadcasts also include tools such as polls, Q&As and live chat to get instant feedback, drive social interactivity and encourage connectivity.

Sean Reddington, CEO at THRIVE commented:

“With 88% of organisations encouraging working from home and the UK in lockdown for the next 4 weeks, a tool like broadcasts is so important to keep people in the loop and up to date.

It’s human interaction we miss the most in these times. This new feature helps your people feel connected, informed and valued.“

THRIVE LXP will automatically record and save broadcasts to your learning platform, so it can be tagged, searched, downloaded and recommended like every other piece of content within your platform.

Browser extension

THRIVE’s new browser extension for Google Chrome and Microsoft Edge helps L&D teams facilitate the innate way we learn in the flow of work.

Our new browser extension makes it easy for users to surface internal knowledge from your learning platform when using search engines like Google. This helps L&D teams drive traffic and engagement to relevant learning resources that answer specific search queries, even when those searches are made outside of your LXP.

To provide a seamless user experience when sharing user generated content, learners are now able to share any web link directly to THRIVE LXP without leaving the webpage they're on.

Lastly, the browser extension gives learners the opportunity to log learning and development hours completed outside their platform within THRIVE LXP too.

Learning analytics

THRIVE LXP’s latest learning analytics suite will help L&D teams make data-driven decisions through easy to understand visual data. Additionally, they can better understand their employees, evolve learning strategy and measure performance.

Their new learning analytics includes heatmaps that showcase user behaviour such as what time and day your learners are most engaged as well as your platforms reach and how many users are active.

It also shares insight into content engagement, so L&D teams can explore average content interactions and views over time, all whilst filtering by audience group, tag or date range.

This help L&D teams save time and reduce administration as THRIVE LXP does all the work.

170+ microlearning modules 

THRIVE's also added a further 25 modules to their microlearning catalogue which cover topics such as food safety, sales, mental health and communication. This takes their off the shelf catalogue to over 170 modules in total which all come packaged with every THRIVE LXP. 

Find out more about THRIVE's new feature releases on their NEW website: