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THRIVE LXP releases new CPD feature

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THRIVE today announced a new LXP feature, Continuing Professional Development (CPD), making it easy for users and administrators to automatically track learning, manage development and evidence hours.

THRIVE release new LXP CPD feature

The latest feature release for THRIVE LXP is out today helping learners and administrators simplify the management and recording of formal and informal development. Automated tracking, learner log and content endorsement are some of the new functionality that’ll enable users to easily manage development, such as CPD.

CPD refers to the process of tracking and documenting the skills, knowledge and experience gained as you work. The popular accreditation is a requirement for many employees to log proactive and continuous learning as part of their profession. 

The significant demand from THRIVE customers at the start of the year led to the research and development of the new features released today, which include: 

  • Ability to set CPD requirements and programmes

  • Tag content duration 

  • Endorse essential learning content 

  • Categorise CPD content 

  • Automatically track learning in development CPD log 

  • Ability to download user development log 

With the new additions to THRIVE LXP, users are able to save time avoiding the manual logging of learning, have confidence that records are always up-to-date and easily evidence the hours for certification. 

Laura Sealey, Senior L&D Partner at Brakes UK and THRIVE LXP customer commented on the service and rate of development at THRIVE:

“Having worked in L&D for many years, I have never worked with an LMS/LXP provider that is so open, encouraging and receptive to client feedback including their thoughts on builds and needs. These are not only listened to but considered, weighed up and where appropriate implemented in such a short space of time!”