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THRIVE LXP release LinkedIn Learning auto curation and Microsoft teams integration

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THRIVE today announced two new learning experience platform integrations. LinkedIn learning’s first-ever seamless auto curation integration with any learning platform and Microsoft teams, making it simple for users and admins to share learning content across their organisation.

THRIVE LXP releases LinkedIn Learning auto curation and Microsoft teams integration

LinkedIn Learning auto curation

One of the latest integration releases for THRIVE LXP is auto curation with LinkedIn Learning. LinkedIn Learning is an online educational platform offering video courses taught by industry experts in a range of subjects and now their 16,000+ online courses are accessible through THRIVE LXP.

THRIVE are proud to be the first-ever learning experience platform to have LinkedIn Learning content seamlessly embed and play within the window of their LXP, giving learners the best possible user experience.

In a similar way to their current auto curation tools, which include getAbstract and Anders Pink, admins can choose the topic area they want and automatically pull in the content that’s relevant to that subject. All LinkedIn Learning content can be tagged up and admins can decide which groups it’s relevant for.

The courses will then embed in THRIVE LXP playing within the frame, and behave like any other piece of content meaning users can like, share, search and discuss the LinkedIn Learning resource with others around the business. 

Nicola Kilner, CEO and Co-Founder at DECIEM commented:

“THRIVE’s new LinkedIn Learning integration is an amazing new release, not only will it save our L&D team time curating content but it gives our learners the best experience by allowing them to stay within our LXP to consume learning courses.

Additionally, this really shows how much the team at THRIVE listen to suggestions for new developments as this has been something we recently requested for their roadmap and now it's here!

Microsoft Teams integration

THRIVE also today announced the new release of a Microsoft Teams integration. Microsoft Teams is the workplace instant messaging tool that helps teams collaborate and share information. Since the COVID19 pandemic hit and businesses turned to remote working, Fosway research found 84% of L&D leaders believe it's more important than ever to integrate digital learning into corporate collaboration platforms like Microsoft Teams.

With this in mind, THRIVE today launch this new integration which allows users and admins to share learning content in the LXP straight to the relevant groups in Microsoft Teams. This is done by syncing audiences up on both platforms and will enable learners to:

  • Learn in the flow of work and receive notifications, content and information in a familiar setting
  • Increase visibility and engagement of learning content by making it part of users day-to-day
  • Never miss an important update or useful piece of content

Mark Ward, Chief Technical Officer at THRIVE commented on the new integration:

“In this new normal of remote working and working from anywhere, it’s become even more important to link up digital learning with collaboration and communication. 

THRIVE has a built-in comms tool and now integrates with the likes of Microsoft Teams to provide learners with a seamless user experience, the ability to learn in the flow of work and will increase the visibility of learning content.”