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Leadership development TV series goes online

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In Good Company, a unique leadership development TV series, developed by The Engagement Coach, goes online.

Taking Managers off the front-line is disruptive, expensive, and it doesn’t always work. While e-learning platforms are improving, many are using old and un-engaging techniques, that don’t take into account how we think and learn. Armed with insights, expertise and creativity, we set about building a ground-breaking leadership development programme.

Worldwide research suggests that leaders and managers have a huge impact on employee engagement, indeed they are critical to how colleagues feel at work. The Engagement Coach realised that it needed to influence the influencers.

Using knowledge of how we learn, combined with knowledge of behaviour psychology, The Engagement Coach created a unique leadership development programme called ‘In Good Company’.

It was important that the creation of the programme was enjoyable content that people wanted to watch. The Engagement Coach built an emotional connection to the subject matter by creating a ten part office drama that follows the journey of four very different colleagues at Emerson Software Solutions.

Enlisting the help of the UK’s foremost stress expert was only the start. The Engagement Coach's Psychologist is a published author and eminent professor of behavioural psychology. The creative team behind the storyline boast a host of industry awards and a BAFTA nomination.

Starting off as a blended learning programme, ‘In Good Company’ achieved reported improvements of 57% in the behaviours of managers, 65% in the behaviours of team members, and 77% in the relationships at work. Based upon these outstanding results, The Engagement Coach has now evolved ‘In Good Company’ to be available purely as an e-learning programme.


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