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The CPD Standards Office Explores The Shifting Landscape Of Skills Acquisition and Professional Development Within the UK

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Founder & Chief Executive of The CPD Standards Office, Amanda Rosewarne, and Founder of The Professionalism Group & Member of The CPD Standards Office Expert Advisory Board, Susie Kay, explore the shifting landscape of skills acquisition and professional development within the UK.

Amanda Rosewarne, Founder & Chief Executive, The CPD Standards Office; Susie Kay, Founder, The Professionalism Group
Amanda Rosewarne, Founder & Chief Executive, The CPD Standards Office; Susie Kay, Founder, The Professionalism Group 

The CPD Standards Office was born as a result of a comprehensive research project into the quality of continuing CPD provision across the country. In the Research project, undertaken in 2010, in-depth research surveyed over 1,000 professionals, and interviewed a range of professional bodies and regulators. We found that the standards of CPD varied greatly and that too much of the training provided was of remarkably low quality.  As a result, are committed to Excellence in Lifelong Learning.

Amanda Rosewarne, Founder & Chief Executive – The CPD Standards Office, and Susie Kay, Founder – The Professionalism Group, explain:

“The job market is changing and many roles have continued to adapt to the digitalisation of skills needed to fulfil business challenges. This whitepaper highlights the need to implement CPD requirements for practically any discipline or role that can be envisaged.

Although many CPD policies are adapting to the pace of change, CPD still has a negative reputation and still associated, by many professionals, with ‘going on a one-day’ course who struggle to record learning outcomes and think the delivery is of poor quality. The CPD Standards Office, alongside its Expert Advisory Board is working towards confronting these challenges in the CPD arena and promotes that if CPD is done well, it offers a wealth of benefits for employers and government including a more engaged and employable workforce.

Despite the challenges around reputation and provision, the overall practice of CPD is not likely to be discontinued any time soon. Professionals are now undertaking CPD online and able to access a more personalised way of learning on-the-go from their smartphones and through various channels such as search engines, social media, webinars and podcasts.”

The CPD Standards Office has published a Whitepaper today: Hold On Tight - It's a Rollercoaster of Change! This paper is a call to action for the UK government and employers to recognise the challenge of providing credible and valuable training provision into the workforce. The CPD Standards Office can support the current need to assess the quality of CPD provision for a more engaged workforce.


If you have any questions regarding the Whitepaper, please call The CPD Standards Office on 0845 862 1386 or email [email protected].