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cda: Delivering successful change through people

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Technology silver bullets are not always the answer and neither is a learning course. cda highlights proven ways to develop agile, competitive and productive organisations.

cda's e-Book, 'Hints and tips’ for successful transformation, is available to download
cda's e-Book, 'Hints and tips’ for successful transformation, is available to download 

In today’s environment of constant change, many organisations are striving to maintain an alignment between their culture, skills and team structures and the changing objectives of their business. The new cda website outlines ways to focus, align and simplify people processes to achieve strategic business objectives. It includes case studies and advice on subjects such as how to improve customer satisfaction and customer loyalty, develop new leadership styles and reshape the organisation to deliver against changing business priorities.

Caroline Dunk, MD at cda says, “We are living in a time of change. The increasing expectations of our customers and rapid developments in technology are placing unprecedented demands on our organisations. The workforce is changing too; many employers are experiencing an evolving demographic, shortages of key talent, a blurring of boundaries between work and home and a move to just-in-time and self-directed learning.

Although change has been a hot topic for many years, we still see organisations struggling to deliver effective, sustainable transformation. At cda we believe that people are the difference and in our experience, it’s about starting with a strategic focus on people issues and driving real change to behaviours, culture, team structures and working practices.

We have seen some useful advances in technology that can support change. However, too often technology is seen as the whole answer (a ‘silver bullet’), rather than part of an integrated solution which includes work on the wider organisational context.

We are delighted this new website shares our experiences and offers a complimentary downloadable booklet of ‘hints and tips’ for successful transformation." 

The e-Book can be downloaded at