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Unicorn Lend Support in Fighting Global Cyber-Crime through Award-Winning LMS

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Unicorn, the global top five LMS provider, is taking a central role in helping tackle the global risk from cyber-crime by working alongside AXELOS - a joint venture between the Government and Capita plc – to raise frontline cyber awareness to up to one million users worldwide.

Resilia Cyber Awareness Homepage
Resilia Cyber Awareness Homepage 

With over 110,000 cyber-attacks happening every hour, cyber-crime is one of the biggest threats to the global economy. Breaches in IT security and its expensive, often crippling consequences, make the news almost daily, from high-level global violations to localised infringements.

AXELOS Global Best Practice has recently launched its new Cyber Resilience Best Practice portfolio - RESILIA - aimed at putting employees at the heart of an organisation’s cyber resilience strategy and providing companies with the confidence they need to recognise, respond to and recover from cyber-attacks effectively. As part of this, Unicorn has partnered with AXELOS to host a comprehensive suite of learning modules on Unicorn's award-winning LMS SkillsServe.

For those with an existing LMS, Unicorn supports with an LCMS option This will allow users to adopt a learning method that suits them, encourage positive cultural change and gain the necessary information to fight cyber-attacks. The modules include gamification, animations, video, eLearning, posters refreshers/reminders plus a test element.

Nick Wilding, Head of Cyber Resilience at AXELOS, explains: “Everyone has a role to play on the frontline of cyber-crime prevention, and RESILIA helps firms recognise and accept that through delivering compelling content that goes over and above traditional Information Security training to create real cultures of cyber awareness.

“Organisations have typically been happy doing once a year IS awareness training and haven’t invested considerably in solutions as nothing is mandated to say they and their employees must do X, Y and Z. But the costs, financial and in terms of reputational damage, customer confidence and operational stability, of a cyber-breach can be catastrophic and this threat is increasing on a daily basis worldwide.”

Mark Jones, Unicorn, Commercial Director, continues: “This project gets to the heart of supporting learning about the cyber risks that staff face, their personal responsibilities for their employee’s cyber resilience, and how we can all develop a positive culture of cyber awareness across our organisations.

“The design innovation has been carefully considered to meet the needs of all individuals regardless of preferred learning style or when and how they like to undertake their learning. SkillsServe supports 24/7 mobile JIT learning at the point of need. Meanwhile, depending on their experience and knowledge, learners can do a test first, which can equate to large time, and ultimately cost, savings for a business.”

RESILIA Awareness will continue to evolve in line with changing conditions, needs and possibilities, including role and sector specific learning. Through its scope and flexibility it can become the core of a tailored programme to build cyber resilience awareness across an organisation. RESILIA supports organisations in showing best practice towards FCA regulatory requirements or ISO standards requirements.

SkillsServe is ranked fifth overall and number one for financial services in the learning industry-renowned 2015 Top 50 Global LMSs Report. For more information visit or contact [email protected].

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