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Tesseract Learning continues to win multiple top awards and make a difference in the eLearning Industry

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Tesseract Learning’s learning content and learning technology solutions are continuously being recognized for their effectiveness, innovation, and creativity by multiple award organizations.


Tesseract Learning, the top custom eLearning content and technology solution provider has earned 15+ awards from multiple award organizations, leading analysts, and industry publications across the globe.

Addressing a range of business and human needs, Tesseract Learning has been recognized for its unique and effective approach to designing learning solutions. The awards include


eLearning development solutions

-       2022 Top Custom Content Development Companies by Training Industry

-       Top eLearning Gamification Companies 2022 by eLearning Industry

-       Top Content Provider for Blended Learning 2022 by eLearning Industry

-       Top eLearning Content Provider 2022 by eLearning Industry

 -       Top Content Provider To Help You Prove Training ROI 2022 by eLearning Industry

-       Top Content Provider for Diversity and Inclusion Training 2022 by eLearning Industry

-       Top Content Provider for Leadership Development 2022 by eLearning Industry

-       Top Content Provider for Employee Onboarding 2022 by eLearning Industry


KREDO Learning Platform

-       Top 20 Learning Systems 2022 by Craig Weiss Group

-       Top LMS for Microlearning 2022 by eLearning Industry

-       Top Gamification LMS 2022 by eLearning Industry

-       Top LMS for Product Training 2022 by eLearning Industry


“Our clients choose us for our ability to consult and deliver effective solutions. These awards demonstrate that are learning solutions and technologies have helped our clients achieve outstanding results,” said Suresh Kumar DN, CEO of Tesseract Learning.

Tesseract believes in moving ahead and always staying competitive. We will switch gears if that’s what the business demands, or we will still remain grounded and deliver on commitments. People adapt to change at a different pace and have varying views of bringing about this change. The COVID-19 pandemic would have influenced these views, but the road ahead in combining learning and technology is bright, and Tesseract is right there to usher you into this new era.