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KREDO Learning Platform by Tesseract Learning - new features rollout

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Tesseract Learning, a global leader in learning and training solutions, has released a new version of KREDO Learning Platform. KREDO is designed to facilitate, promote, and sustain professional growth in individuals and teams by providing quality content, including varying training strategies and structured assessment. These are designed to accommodate organizational requirements, identify skill gaps, build competencies, and complement existing training and development principles.

KREDO Learning Platform
KREDO Learning Platform 

“With great expectations comes great accountability”, and Tesseract Learning has left no stone unturned in matching this catchphrase. The privilege of being called upon to master learning excellence is what drives KREDO Learning Platform to unearth its unlimited growing potential.

DNA That’ll Alter the Learning Genetics, That’s KREDO

2022 is just around the corner and our priorities to empower the learning space is well beyond the necessities of today and the requirements of tomorrow. KREDO is about mastering the unforeseen expectations of learning space, driven by globalization’s resurgence through the COVID-19 pandemic.

The Tesseract Team and the Creators of KREDO have a simple message for everyone. “Learners will now have a ‘User Experience’ to embrace seamlessly, Author’s will now have a ‘User Interface’ to express creatively, managers will now have ‘Defined Permissions’ to govern optimally, and Administrators will now have ‘Technofunctional Rights’ to oversee effectively’.

In other words, we have simplified KREDO to be the ‘people’s-choice’ to be the learning platform that exemplifies being:

  1. Cross-Functional
  2. Cross-Generation
  3. Cross-Industry
  4. Cross-Segment
  5. Cross-Vertical

Be it a Perpetual Model or SaaS-Based Model, it, of course, has its own nuances, but the fact of the matter is, you are getting a platform that will catapult your learner’s ratings about a learning journey off the charts. Phrases about journeys and destinations are in plenty, but this is how Tesseract views both, “Enjoy the exciting learning journey with KREDO because the destination is just the beginning to a step closer to learning perfection”.

What We Have In KREDO Is What You Need

Here are a few of the world-class functionalities.

1.   Distinctive Ecosystem Integration – Seamlessly adapt to your surrounding technology and make learning complete and pervasive through integration. Whether external content, video platforms, content curated from the web or even solutions in your existing ecosystem, our APIs provide you with that strong handshake. We have an API library that makes simultaneous operations possible.

 2.   AI-Based Recommendation and Personalization – Predict, detect, and respond to various learning requirements from learners to resonate with appealing course views or content that triggers interest in them. We understand learner profiles and provide a thorough analysis of assessment outcomes that add credibility to what every learner looks forward to in their learning journey.

 3.   Rapid Authoring and Publishing – Create the course you envision. Make it creative, intuitive, and structured. Work with “high-definition content”. Excellent content creation and management co-exist owing to a diverse template library, helping you build any content. What you want is what you get, which is why every course outcome will be the best version of what a learner wants to see. And for all your existing or any external SCORM courses, you can import them and publish them to your learner.

 4.   Learning Paths – Create a journey/curriculum with a focused outcome. Have an approach to create learning interactions through learning paths or a curriculum that makes every learner’s experience memorable. Focus on each business’s requirement and individual needs to achieve a focused objective relevant for every learner. You can manage how to ease into various types of content, consume them to your and your learner’s requirements in a structured manner.

5.   Remediation – Focus on 100% success in your learning outcomes by building competent teams. Assist the learner in bridging an identified gap in learning. Remediation can be learning content within the course, PDF or a weblink. Through simple analytics, assess the competence of the learner based on their performance and remediation outcomes. Remediation is not a step back in the learner’s progress, but it only means the learner’s understanding hasn’t met the required benchmark and must be relooked at.

 6.   Memory Boosters  Knowledge recall at its absolute best through repeat and retrieve. It is common sense that any piece of information you learn, in almost all probability, you’d record that in your mind if it’s repeated. And at times, a scheduled repetition also helps. And memory boosters serve as that carrier to reinforce the connections of what you learnt earlier and where you need to reinforce the same.

 7.   Analytics & Reports – Interpret your reporting data with ease and precision using sharp and distinct learner performance analytics. Both canned and custom reports are made available to look at learner performance and engagement, including reporting the learning business metrics. Statistics like training impact on objectives defined, time spent on a course, type of content that needs more work to be put in by the learner, and knowledge gaps are a few of the many data points we capture.

 8.   Gamification – Make learning enjoyable and intriguing through gamification activities to keep learners motivated and engaged. Based on what you need, our templates drive participation and increase the competitive edge. The gamification outcome will motivate and influence your workforce driving better interactions with your employees, consumers, and partners.

 9.   Live Meetings with Zoom – Meetings and discussions, organized right at your fingertips, and any role in the platform can set this up. Create any number of online training sessions and meetings directly through the learning platform by connecting with Zoom just once. You can also retrieve recordings for further usage.

 10.       Social Learning – Create ongoing partnerships through open dialogue. You have an engagement quotient that is second to none and at par with industry standards of collaborative communication. The inclusion of social discussion threads makes peer-to-peer and other interactions seamless and transparent. Best practices are shared and even conceptualized down the road, through various communities.

Join Our Journey…

A sneak peek and short insight. Let’s see if we can get you intrigued to have a conversation with us. We’re set to transform the way you look at a learning platform, and we are moving to a ‘Learning Experience Design’, where we create a learner-centric journey and learner needs are our point of focus.  A glimpse of what we mean by a ‘Learning Experience Design’ are outlined below. 

The Administration Page

  1. Work With Organizational Hierarchies 
  2. Alter Your Reward Points and Weightages

Within The Architecture & Integration

  1. Make Use of Widgets
  2. Use Browser Extensions
  3. Work Within Microsoft Teams
  4. Manage Events Via a Calendar
  5. Experience Machine Learning Algorithm
    1. Scan Learning Assets to Produce a Transcript

Within The Content Playlist

  1. Create a Content Playlist
  2. Add Podcasts to Content Playlists

About Catalogs, Courses, Learning Assets

  1. Make Use of Multiple Catalogs
  2. Search for Courses by Skillset
  3. Access Courses Via an Email Link
  4. Compare Course Progress Between Learners
  5. Recommend Courses Based on Learning Path
  6. Recommend Courses Based on In-Progress or Completed Courses

On The Home Page

  1. Customize the Home Page

Under Skillsets

  1. Create a Skills Taxonomy
  2. Access a Built-in Skills Library
  3. Create Badges Based on Skills

Within Videos

  1. Create Quizzes for Videos
    1. Access the No. of Views for Videos

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About Tesseract Learning

Tesseract Learning is an award-winning digital learning organization offering a plethora of training solutions (training & learning strategy, content, technology, delivery & management) to global organizations. Tesseract Learning works with global organizations to help them keep up with change, drive innovation, and stay ahead of competition by applying the right learning strategies to their learning programs, helping them build a workforce of thinkers, communicators, and leaders who are more agile & better equipped with skills to create a big impact.

Our expertise lies in strategizing organization-level training plans for customers and working with them in the delivery of highly impactful training using varied modes such as classroom & virtual training development, training administration, digital learning, create innovative training documentation, deploy trainers to deliver training, implementation & management of LMS and performance support, including having a train-the-trainer model.

Our comprehensive offering includes: 

  1. Training Outsourcing
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  3. Custom Content Development 
  4. Blended learning
  5. Microlearning
  6. Gamification
  7. Rapid course development 
  8. Videos and Animations
  9. KREDO, Learning Platform
  10. Moodle LMS
  11. Learning Portals & Ecosystems
  12. Off-the-shelf Courses
  13. Localization

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