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Sysdoc To Launch Integrated Business Transformation Tool In 2020

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Sysdoc are revolutionising business change management programmes in 2020 with the launch of their brand new business transformation tool.

Sysdoc is a consultancy that knows its way around a change programme. Having successfully delivered hundreds of programmes to a wide range of clients over the past 32 years, they would credit their success down to the core principles that have moulded their business over time – keep things simple, robust people focus and learning from experience.

As business transformation programmes seemingly gain complexity, Sysdoc have been working with their own consultants and trusted clients alike to understand some of the fundamental gaps that keep some projects from being a success. To this day, many programmes spend millions or billions on transforming their business yet track and manage the transformational elements through a complex array of spreadsheets, with data and learnings unable to be simply aggregated and subsequently learned from.

Using this wealth of 32 years’ experience, Sysdoc is launching its first major product that will not only enable transformation programmes to work in a simpler, smarter way, but also to capture and benchmark project, programme and companywide data to support an increasing business need to simplify and consolidate project experiences. This data will be used to inform organisations on how to best approach change and learning, and ensure the return on investment is achieved through successful adoption of change.

Sysdoc’s Learning Innovation Practice Director, Andrew Darwin said, “The beauty of this tool is the way in which it will highlight data at a project, programme and organisation level. Not only that, where we believe we are really going to have the most impact and what we see missing on programmes time and again, is something that looks at more than just change transactions and learning transactions independently – our tool will seamlessly integrate all the people elements of a change programme and could inform the approach for transformation across the whole organisation.”

The tool is being developed in-house, by Sysdoc’s innovative Digital Experience team and will be developed as a SaaS solution with initial beta testing of the change module running in Q1 of 2020. The team will then develop the learning module, followed by programme planning.