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Squadify CEO to tell Learning Technologies audience that teams are their biggest opportunity. Probably.

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Pia Lee, the CEO of Squadify, will set out her vision for teams and how learning professionals can become indispensable partners in creating value in organisations. She will set out how teams work and how, armed with the right data, learning professionals can take the lead in building high performance.

Teams are increasingly being recognised as the key unit in organisations that can move fast, combine talent and execute against changing needs. However, the leadership of teams is challenging and data is required to constantly track the way to team works so that imrpovements can be made continuously.

Squadify is a team performance platform used by teams around the world to understand and improve their ways of working. Squadify assesses the conditions inside teams every few months to keep up with the highly dynamic environment that exists within groups. The insights from Squadify allow the team to have the right conversations and to take action to buiild on their strengths and close gaps. Those actions are often focused on development and that is where L&D comes in.

The latest release of Squadify provides learning professionals with a portal so that they can champion the use of the platform. This offers L&D three key opportunities. First, learning professionals can focus their solutions accurately on areas that build high performance. Secondly, teams will be motivated to learn together to improve performance. Finally, content can be curated to meet the specific needs of teams which will drive use of learning platforms and pre-existing content. This last point is seen as particularly exciting. Despite there being so much content available on learning platforms, consumption and application is still low. Squadify data can provide the context that teams need to be motivated to use the learning assets that already exist.

In summary, Squadify enables learning professionals to become indispensable partners in performance.

Pia will speak on both days at Learning Technologies at 4.15pm in Theatre 6. Don't miss Pia's talk 'The most important data in the world. Probably.'