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Speexx Pledges Support for Environmental Organizations Impacting Positive Change and Conservation Initiatives

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Speexx, the #1 people development platform, is supporting three local, European, and international charities and non-profit organizations to combat climate change and preserve nature.


As a part of the Speexx ‘Make A Difference’ Award ceremony that took place in Mallorca, Spain, in January 2024, each group of nominees and winners opted to contribute a total of €8,000 to one of three environmental organizations: 

  • Mallorca Preservation: Supporting local environmental and conservation initiatives on the island to preserve its natural beauty;  

  • The European Environmental Bureau: Europe’s largest network of environmental citizens’ organizations, bringing together over 180 member organizations from 40 countries and standing for sustainable development, environmental justice, and participatory democracy; and 

  • The Ocean Cleanup: A non-profit environmental engineering organization based in the Netherlands that is developing and scaling technologies to rid the oceans of plastic, with an aim to remove 90% with ocean cleanup systems. 

Speexx's digital people development platform and underlying business model is sustainable by nature, because it leverages cloud-based technology to provide services that significantly reduce the need for physical materials and classroom spaces, thus lowering carbon footprint and resource consumption.By supporting these charities, Speexx reinforces its commitment to responsible advocacy for sustainability and environmental awareness.  

“Speexx is honored to support the efforts of Mallorca Preservation, the European Environmental Bureau, and The Ocean Cleanup. Their commitment to safeguarding our planet mirrors our own values as a company.Since our founding, we have always felt it our responsibility to contribute in ways outside of our core business and as such we have a long history of actively supporting organizations and initiatives that make a positive impact on society or the environment,”said JörgKoberling, CEO, Speexx.  

Explore the Speexx CSR and sustainability report for further information about Speexx’s Corporate Social Responsibility initiatives.