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Speexx Honored as the Leading Technology Innovation HR Service Company at the DHR EXPO Awards

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Speexx, #1 people development platform, has confirmed its leadership in the industry by securing the esteemed 'Technology Innovation HR Service Company' award in Shanghai, China. This award represents a significant achievement in Speexx's ongoing global pursuit of excellence and innovation in the people development sector.


The International Human Resources Technology Conference was hosted by DHR EXPO and the accolade follows a rigorous selection process in which members of the awards’ committee assessed leading organizations, industry associations, experts, and scholars.  

Speexx has been named as the leading HR service company at the DHR EXPO Awards for its exceptional contributions to the fields of human resources, science, and technology. We are dedicated to leading the forefront of HR tech innovation, delivering top-tier excellence by integrating new technologies and actively responding to customer feedback throughout our service process,” stated Armin Hopp, Co-Founder of Speexx. 

“This honor is not only a recognition of Speexx's past efforts, but also to spur futuredevelopments. Speexx will continue to uphold the spirit of scientific and technological innovation, deepen the field of HR tech and services, and provide customers with more high-quality, efficient, and intelligent solutions,” said Jun Zheng, Managing Director, Speexx China. 


DHR EXPO focuses on the development and application of human resources from a broader perspective, and builds an efficient, sustainable and highly humanized international platform forChina's human resources industry by continuing to build an international human resources technology conference. 

The International Conference on Human Resources Science and Technology focuses on various aspects of human resources work in various forms, and holds a series of differentiated and targeted events such as conferences, forums, salons and visits to provide highly matched information docking services to all parties. 

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