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Speexx Coaching™ Announced as Winner of SonderAWARD for Innovation by the eLearning Journal

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Speexx, the #1 people development platform, has been awarded the SonderAWARD by the eLearning Journal for its Speexx Coaching™ product.

Speexx Coaching™ wins SonderAWARD
Speexx Coaching™ wins SonderAWARD 

The eLearning Journal is a leading publication that covers the latest trend and innovations within the learning and development sphere in Germany and internationally. 

Speexx Coaching™ is an all-in-one solution for professional development and digital transformation that brings together top coaches, science, and AI via Speexx Matchmaker™ to provide expert coaching to companies’ workforces and fully integrate with HR and L&D workflows to empower people. The Speexx Coaching™ network is comprised of 1,500 certified coaches and delivered 220,000 one-on-one coaching sessions in 2022. Speexx Coaching™ was the winner of threeadditional awards in 2023: the Comenius Award (with language training), the Worlddidac Award, and the Brandon Hall Excellence in Technology Award. The SonderAWARD for Innovation by the eLearning Journal marks the fourth award win for Speexx Coaching™. 

“We are absolutely overjoyed to receive this fourth accolade for Speexx Coaching™. The eLearning Award is a huge honor for us, as this is one of the most respected publications for learning innovation in Europe and around the world and cements our place as leaders for innovation in digital people development and learning more broadly. We’d like to thank the eLearning Journal for their recognition of Speexx Coaching™ in this year’s awards,” said Armin Hopp, Co-Founder of Speexx. 

The eLearning Journal has published an article in which they conduct a deep dive into the product and its merits. You can read the article in German here.