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Speexx Identifies Six Digital Learning Trends for 2021

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Speexx releases new information on the top digital learning trends for 2021; data from accredited L&D thought-leaders aggregated this with its own research.

Digital Learning Trends 2021
Digital Learning Trends 2021 

MUNICH (Thursday, March 18, 2021) – Speexx released new information on the top digital learning trends for 2021, after collecting data from accredited L&D thought-leaders as well and aggregating this with its own research.

The company presents the following six learning trends for this year, which are - as to be expected - significantly shaped by the pandemic and a massive shift to digital learning in 2020.

Six Digital Learning Trends for 2021

  1. Reskilling & Upskilling. Because challenging times require flexibility, adaptability, and new approaches and methods, it comes as no surprise that reskilling and upskilling reign as a top learning trend during a pandemic - what we can all agree is a "challenging time." For business continuity, companies need to be agile and resilient; reskilling and upskilling is key here.
  2. LXP and Mobile-First. Learning Experience Platforms, or LXPs, allow laser-focus on the learner's experience. Paired with mobile-first learning designs, LXPs let learners creat their own journeys specific to their goals and objectives - especially critical in this all-remote age of work, when each person might have his or her own individual schedule and need.
  3. Remote Learning. An obvious one - as many companies are reducing office space, and people are getting used to - and preferring to - work from home, working remotely will remain "the norm" even in a post-padenmic world.
  4. Personalization. As traditional courses and corporate learning are no longer viable learning options, the need for effective, efficient learning in the flow of work is even more crucial. People need their learning program to be easily integrated in their own, highly unique day-to-day lives. 
  5. Data-Driven Learning. Speexx claims that this will be the standard approach to L&D this year. The global shift to digital learning has enabled organizations to gather and make decisions based on learning data. This can in turn be used to create more effective and impactful learning programs for businesses.
  6. Enhanced Performance Focus. Speexx believes that in 2021, corporate learning will need to revise and strengthen its approaches learning forward, and should focus on increasing performance (versus just skill sets). 

These trends show us that overall, there's a new core of values when it comes to L&D practices that HR and L&D managers need to keep in mind for 2021. It's not only crucial that we reskill and upskill the workforce, but the best way to go about that is to ensure everyone is prepared for digital-first.

By embracing the right technologies and approaches, organizations can be more strategic and lay more solid foundations for learning in the future. Indeed, basic digital skills won't suffice anymore; the workforce needs the right support to sharpen its digital literacy.

More information on these digital learning trends can be found here.