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The Human Factor in Digital Transformation

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Global HR and L&D community meets in Berlin on the opening day of OEB. Munich – Thursday 23, November 2017 – Speexx has confirmed this year´s Speexx Exchange agenda for the annual conference which will discuss topical issues on e-learning and talent management practices’. During Speexx Exchange, up to 150 global HR and talent management delegates across 15 countries will meet in Berlin, Germany at the Hotel Intercontinental on Wednesday 6 December 2017, on the eve of Online Educa.

Reality check elearning and Talent Management practices
Reality check elearning and Talent Management practices 

The event will be moderated by Laura Overton, global thought leader in learning and development and CEO and Founder of Towards Maturity. Laura will explore "How can I make an impact on learning, business leadership and L&D team skills, moving forward and into 2018?". Overarching theme for this year´s edition of Speexx Exchange is the Human Factor in Digital Transformation.

The speaker line-up for Speexx Exchange 2017 includes high-level Best Practice presentations by seven renowned thought leaders in Human Resources.  Laura Overton, CEO and Founder of independent benchmark organisation Towards Maturity, is key-note speaker and moderator of this annual reality check on eLearning and Talent Management, where a total of ca. 150 professionals in HR and L&D will engage in discussions and knowledge exchange. Laura comments: “With increasingly global workforces, rapid changes in technology and a growing gig economy, we’re seeing change on a huge scale. Towards Maturity’s 13 years of evidence-based research shows that L&D teams must adapt to the current needs of learners. I’ll be bringing fresh insights into the motivations and habits of today’s employee and I’m looking forward to discussing together as a group at my 7th Speexx Exchange!”

Participants to this year’s event represent an extensive variety of nationalities and companies, such as E.ON, Thomas Cook, the European Aviation Agency, Hager, Deutsche Telekom, Uniper Energy. The detailed program is available on the Speexx Exchange website.

The following speakers are presenting their best practices in a range of areas:

  • KEYNOTE presentation, “Digital Transformation & The Human Factor – How Should We Change the Way We Work, Communicate and Learn?” by Laura Overton, CEO & Founder, Towards Maturity.
  • “Learning Needs: How Artificial Intelligence Will Influence Learning & Education”, by Thomas Jenewein, SAP Education Business Development Manager.
  • “Supporting the Digital Experience in L&D – How Do We Package Micro and Macro Learning and Build the Support Systems We Need?”, by Jamie Turner, Human Resource Director for Europe at SDI Media.
  • “What Current and New Trafigura Employees Know and Need to Know – Building a Scalable System for Soft Skills Needs Analysis”, by Richard Cannane, Global Training & Development Manager at Trafigura.
  • “The Future Developments and How Training Activities Need to Shift to Accommodate the Digitized Industry 4.0”, by Ines Majewski, Head of Sartorius College at Sartorius.
  • “Gamification at Save the Children: The Practice of Making Good Decisions in a Demanding Situation”, by Samantha Davis Deputy Head of Humanitarian Capacity Building and Róisín Cassidy – Digital Learning Manager at Save the Children’s Humanitarian Capacity Building team at Save the Children.
  • “Technology enhanced learning & Vocational training by Prof. Dr. Bernd Rüschoff, Chair in Didactics and Applied Linguistics”, at the Institute for Anglophone Studies at the University of Duisburg-Essen.

Speexx Exchange Paris is planned for November 28.