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Speexx to release exclusive HR resource during top speaking slot at LT2017

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This coming Tuesday, Speexx presents insights into how L&D and HR managers can foster above par communication skills for their top management talent.

A relevant topic for global businesses that understand the impact of high level skills on creating successful international teams.

The topic of the presentation is largely based on the white paper "The Rise of the International Team”, recently published by Speexx.

On Wednesday, 1st February, Mehdi Tounsi, VP of Global Alliances and Managing Director of Speexx Inc. for the USA, will host the seminar ‘Managing top talent: a call for better communication skills´.

In this 30-minute seminar, delegates will learn how to engage future leaders build multinational and successful team through optimizing their communication capabilities. The seminar is scheduled at 11:00am in Theatre 2.

With more than 7,000 visitors, 150 free L&D seminars, 250 exhibitors, two exhibition halls and Europe's leading L&D conference, the Learning Technologies provides a unique environment for all those involved in workplace learning.

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