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How training helped Royal Mail establish a stronger compliance culture

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Skillcast welcomes Angelika Flamm, Group Compliance Director of Royal Mail Group, to share her experience of creating a step change in the compliance culture with the use of strategy, learning and communication.

At LearningLive Angelika Flamm will be joined by Catriona Razic, Chief Commercial Officer of Skillcast, to discuss how compliance digital learning has evolved over the past five years within Royal Mail. 

In particular, Angelika will focus on how her team evolved the culture within Royal Mail with a series of initiatives including their digital learning strategy. 

Together they will highlight how the use of games and gamification as learning tools have helped gain a laser-sharp focus on key risks in the organisation whilst encouraging behaviour change in an environment where everyone can think freely. 

Serious games are incredibly useful to organisations like Royal Mail to help identify strengths and weaknesses, offering a clear focus for future initiatives. Putting people in real situations and challenging them to think things through encourages user engagement and crystallises the real risks to the business. 

Games have been proven to drive behavioural change as they are better at catching the attention of employees. By using what they have learned in training repeatedly within fun competitions, employees improve their knowledge retention. And by using games, assessment can be separated from training by days, weeks or even months to provide a much more accurate guide as to the long-term impact of training. 

The online compliance and ethics game used by Royal Mail proved to be a great asset in further embedding compliance within the Group. It helped to raise the profile of ethics, integrity and compliance across the whole business. 

LearningLive takes place in London, 4-5 Sep.