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UES Joins Schoox for Session on Rethinking Compliance Training

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When done right, modern compliance training can drive culture and boost performance.


Learning management and talent development software provider Schoox is joined by their customer UES for “Outside the (Check) Box – How Modern Compliance Training Can Drive Culture and Performance,” a webinar hosted by Training Industry. This complimentary event takes place Monday, September 25, 2023, at 1:00 pm ET.

Compliance training affects nearly every organization, whether it includes just a simple review of the employee manual or safety training on critical life-or-death matters.

David Wentworth, vice president and talent platform evangelist at Schoox and Beth Scheitzach, director of training and development at UES (formerly Universal Engineering Sciences), discuss how UES’s approach to compliance training drives improved outcomes for their organization and benefits the careers of their employees.

In this webinar, attendees will be encouraged to rethink their compliance training to better:

  • Engage all learners.
  • Highlight the value of compliance.
  • Measure and track to better inform stakeholders.
  • Think in terms of outcomes and results rather than sanctions and penalties.
  • Build compliance into career paths.

Failure to execute this learning successfully could result in anything from dangerous working conditions to a work stoppage and potential loss of business. Yet, despite its reach and severe potential consequences, many organizations struggle to make compliance training an engaging and strategic experience. This session will help attendees take the first steps toward change.

About UES

UES is a privately held, rapidly growing engineering and consulting firm with nearly six decades of experience in geotechnical engineering, construction materials testing, building code compliance, threshold inspections and environmental consulting. With nearly 3,500 professionals across more than 85 branches in high growth markets in the U.S., UES consults on projects of all sizes for public and private clients across many industries including transportation, healthcare, commercial, education, industrial, and residential. UES was named "Hot Firm of the Year" by Zweig Group in 2021, 2022 and 2023. For more information, please visit or follow UES on Social Media.