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Fiona Leteney Joins David Wentworth for They Learn, You Win Podcast

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Fosway Group’s Senior Analyst shares her insights on the learning technology ecosystem in the latest episode.


The second episode of They Learn, You Win, the new podcast hosted by David Wentworth, VP, Learning & Talent Platform Evangelist for Schoox, is available today. The show is quickly gaining popularity for its fresh perspective on learning technology advancements and ways organizations can use training and talent development to boost the bottom line.

In the latest episode, David is joined by Fiona Leteney, Senior Analyst of Fosway Group, Europe's leading HR industry analyst firm. Together, they discuss the need for organizations to deconstruct their learning problems to find the best solutions from the right vendors to meet their needs.

“On paper, it’s nice to have a singular line item in the budget – one vendor who covers everything an organization needs,” said David. “But technology has advanced to the point where buyers can choose best-in-class products that meet their needs and easily share data.”

During the episode, Fiona and David also discuss learning management systems, LXPs, suite solutions, and the need for buyers to have vendors clearly explain how their product meets their specific needs during the selection journey.

As always, this new episode features informative, engaging, and authentic insights. The new episode of They Learn, You Win is available in your favorite podcast app:


About Fosway Group

Fosway Group is Europe’s #1 HR industry Analyst focused on Next Gen HR, Talent and Learning. Founded in 1996, they are known for unique European research, independence and integrity. For over 20 years, they have been analyzing the realities of the market, and providing insights on the future of HR, Talent, and Learning. Fosway analysts work extensively with corporate clients to understand the inside story of the challenges they are facing, and their real experiences with next gen strategies, systems and suppliers. Their independent vendor analysis also provides a vital resource when making decisions on innovation and technology.