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New Raytheon Study Confirms Positive Impact of Learning Technologies on European Automotive Dealerships

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Milton Keynes, England, (May 30, 2014) — Raytheon Professional Services (RPS) LLC, a subsidiary of Raytheon Company (NYSE: RTN), today released results and analysis from a comprehensive study of the impact of learning solutions on European automotive sales and service. The study conducted by Towards Maturity, reveals that 50 percent of automotive original equipment manufacturers (OEM) respondents said innovative learning technologies improved business performance.

The Towards Maturity report, Driving Innovation in the Dealership Training for the Automotive Sector, is a foundational piece of research compiled through telephone interviews and online surveys with 52 automotive OEM respondents representing 44 manufacturing organizations from 19 nations. They included Fiat, Jaguar, LR Mahindra, Opel, Seat, Volkswagen, GM, Kia, Maserati, Renault, SsangYong, Volvo, Honda, Lexus, Nissan, Skoda, Toyota, and others.

“This research clearly shows that the opportunity for technology-driven learning innovation exists -- with 45 percent of respondents agreeing that learning technologies have made a significant contribution to increasing revenue,” said Mark Oliver, EMEA managing director, RPS. “In addition, top learning companies are four times more likely to report improved staff motivation and engagement, as well as increased speed of response to business change.”

Commissioned by RPS, the research also found that automotive manufacturers are focused on seeking results across a broad range of business goals, and training expectations are high for technology-enabled dealers. As well, the study indicates that learning technologies potentially can inform customers and suppliers about new products and services, and facilitate implementation of new information technology systems. Additional benefits include flexibility, business goals alignment, training efficiency, workforce productivity, and customer satisfaction.

“Today, sales and service professionals in almost every industry, including automotive, are grappling with an array of problems -- expanding global markets, rapid proliferation of new technologies, skill gaps in critical positions, and increased productivity demands,” said Laura Overton, managing director of Towards Maturity. “Partnering with global training solutions provider RPS, this study shows that learning innovation, applied strategically, is delivering real business results in the automotive sector.”

The automotive sector like many others are looking for ways to work smarter, deliver value added training and ensure learners aren’t being held back because of lack of access to resources. This benchmark study shows linkage between dealer training and positive automotive customer experiences. Additionally, “This thorough study shows that learning innovation is taking off in the sector and is supporting change and growth in the industry,” said Sann Rene Glaza, senior manager, Customer Service Training at Toyota Motor Europe. “However, there is more to be gained if we build on the existing foundations and enthusiasm for leveraging technology to support dealership training.”

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