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Developments in online assessment - briefings from Questionmark and ProctorU

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Assessment technologies and services provider Questionmark, together with online invigilation leader ProctorU, will deliver two UK breakfast briefings for this June about developments in assessment security.

Assessment technologies and services provider Questionmark, together with online invigilation leader ProctorU, will deliver breakfast briefings in two UK cities.

The briefings, to be held in London on 17th June and in Edinburgh on 18th June, are ideal for educators, instructional designers and managers from academic institutions, businesses and other organisations.

Online testing is at an all-time high and helping educators and trainers increase accessibility to assessments such as surveys, quizzes, tests and exams is vital. Innovative technologies make it possible to take high-stakes tests anywhere in the world using almost any webcam and computer. The sessions will explain how to achieve the balance between flexibility, candidate experience, logistics and security that is required to ensure the integrity and credibility of exams being delivered from a distance.

ProctorU President Don Kassner will explain the basics of online invigilation, discuss proven strategies for alleviating the testing centre burden on clients and review secure alternatives for institutions.

“As more people work remotely and more students take courses and tests online,  there are plenty of assessments that require live proctoring methods that can prevent an integrity breach in real time and save hours of post-exam review, ” Kassner said.

The discussions will also address security from test creation through to delivery and reporting. Questionmark will demonstrate how to use new technologies to easily create assessments, use secure delivery apps, access data freely via OData and use popular business intelligence and reporting tools to generate dynamic reports to meet specific needs.

Guests will enjoy a complimentary breakfast along with valuable advice on secure test delivery. Attendees will be encouraged to ask questions and engage in discussion throughout the morning sessions, which are free of charge.

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