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Questionmark Webinar & Briefing Explore the Importance of Assessments in Mitigating Risk

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Overcoming the obstacles of regulatory compliance - Full Line-up of Learning Opportunities

A Questionmark webinar and breakfast briefing will show how assessments can be used to support training initiatives and document employees' understanding of what they are required to do in order to comply with regulations.

Centrally managed assessments delivered via IT technology bring both peace of mind and tremendous business value. Quizzes, tests and surveys are the most cost-effective way to confirm and document mandatory regulatory training. Whether required by regulators or not, assessments delivered online to employees are one of the few ways — and probably the best way — to reach your entire workforce individually and ensure that people understand their roles in your business and what is required of them to meet regulatory and business needs. Effective assessments improve performance – making for happier customers and employees – while at the same time aiding compliance.

The most compelling reason to conduct assessments is because they are legally required! In the UK, the FSA regulator states in its “one minute guide” to recruitment, training and supervision: “What is good practice when supervising staff? … Testing knowledge and following-up weaknesses. … Reassessing competence regularly and using the results to influence the level of supervision”. Assessments aligned with a formal competency model are a strong way to demonstrate competence against such principles and reduce regulatory risk.

Questionmark's complimentary learning oportunities will discuss the business benefits of using assessments to meet compliance demands. The webinar and briefing will describe specific ways to use assessments within a compliance program and examine security and accessibility issues. Role-specific best practice guidance for implementing a legally defensible assessment will also be provided.

Registration: Breakfast Briefing - Tuesday 18th June

Webinar registration and access to Questionmarks compliance white paper are available at:

This complimentary webinar is scheduled for 11 a.m. BST Time (London) on Wednesday April 10th and Thursday May 9th.