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Webinar: How to design games children want

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Preloaded's Creative Director, Phil Stuart is to host a webinar to reveal the principles behind the BAFTA winning studio’s most successful projects, and answer the big question - how do you make stuff children actually want?

A recent IAB report showed that 99% of UK kids aged between 8-15 play computer games. This fact is well appreciated by the children’s media industry, with games proving increasingly popular as a medium for entertainment and education.

Games are an incredibly powerful medium for the exposition of characters, stories and worlds, and can deepen the engagement with IP through their immersive and interactive qualities. They can also provide a platform for direct audience communication, and when designed right, can deliver fantastic ROI through sustained engagement.

However, in a time when kids are spoilt for choice and their screentime is increasingly limited, how do you make sure your game makes their shortlist?

“In my Children’s Media Conference Masterclass recently, I outlined how Preloaded designs games that children want. The response was fantastic, so we’ve decided to host a webinar for anyone who missed it. The webinar will explore the principles we use to create experiences for all players, regardless of their abilities.” Phil Stuart, Creative Director, Preloaded

Registration for this free webinar, taking place on 26th July 15:00 BST, is available to those wanting to delve into the design principles behind Preloaded’s diverse education and entertainment portfolio, and find out how to design games children want.

Registration is available at