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Open LMS Half-Year Results Show More Than 20% New Sales Growth and Over 100 New LMS Customers

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Half-year results from Open LMS show 20% new sales growth rate, the fastest in the company’s history, and a total of nearly 1,700 SaaS LMS customers globally.


Open LMS, the world’s largest commercial open-source learning provider, announced its results from the first half of the year during the ASU+GSV Summit.

Among the results are the following:

  • An organic new sales growth rate of more than 20%, the fastest in the company’s history
  • An additional 21 new staff hires, with a specific focus on product development/innovation and customer service
  • Strategic partnerships with prestigious, global clients in education and corporate learning

Unprecedented Growth
Since being acquired by Learning Technologies Group 16 months ago, Open LMS has invested heavily not only in growth, but in improved customer service and innovation. This has led to a large uptick in the organic growth of the business. The year-over-year growth rate in new sales in 2021 was 20%, the fastest growth in the company’s history. This includes adding 103 new clients, resulting in nearly 1,700 SaaS LMS customers globally, making Open LMS one of the largest LMS providers in the world.

“We’ve been growing quickly, which creates more capacity to invest in innovation. However, the most important focus at Open LMS is to continue to provide excellent customer service, even as we grow,” said Phill Miller, Managing Director of Open LMS.

Growing the Team
To support the growth while maintaining high levels of customer service, Open LMS has been hiring at a rapid pace. When joining Learning Technologies Group in April 2020, Open LMS had 72 employees. Today, the company has over 150, both through acquisition and through 21 new hires in areas ranging from marketing to customer service. Additionally, Open LMS recently added Cathy Fowler, a veteran EdTech sales leader to its executive team.

“While we are hiring many roles, we continue to focus on hiring people that are a great cultural fit, specifically aligning with our focus on customer service. The ability to hire in several of our global locations, from Australia, to Colombia, to Europe and the United States, means that we are building a truly diverse organization that is fun to be a part of,” said Cheryl Patsavos, Head of Customer Success for Open LMS.

Open LMS is currently recruiting for more than 16 open positions.