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eThink Education Featured in The Times' 2019 Learning & Development Report

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eThink Education was recently featured in The Times’ 2019 Learning & Development Report, with an article focused on why flexibility, interoperability and future-proofing are top considerations for today’s L&D professionals.


eThink Education was recently featured in the 2019 Learning & Development Report compiled by Raconteur and published in The Times and The Sunday Times. This extensive report addresses how businesses and employees are approaching skills gaps in the workplace and how L&D is constantly changing with each generation that enters the workforce. eThink’s featured article, Future-Proof Training with Open Source, explores how open-source technology allows L&D professionals to create a sustainable, interoperable and future-proof training platform that can support a company’s business needs now and in the future. 

“A future-proof workplace learning solution that can meet the training needs of each member of an organisation - regardless of department, location or where they are in the employee lifecycle - is critical to improving business outcomes,” said Brian Carlson, CEO & Co-Founder of eThink Education. “And a flexible, customisable platform will continue to support a company’s training programme as it scales and as needs evolve.”

In addition to their article, eThink will host a live webinar on 3rd October at 2:00 PM BST to dive deeper into the topic of Future-Proofing Your Training Programme with Open Source. The webinar will explore how the role and capabilities of the learning management system (LMS) are evolving within the larger learning ecosystem, how to maximise the interoperability of open-source to extend and future-proof your learning system, as well as highlight the top takeaways from the 2019 Learning & Development Report and how those takeaways can be applied to your business. 

Read The Times’ complete 2019 Learning & Development Report to review the latest insights into the state of L&D, or register for the Future-Proof Your Training Programme with Open Source webinar here.