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Since the recent renaissance of AI the clock has been ticking to produce a product that creates real eLearning from a text prompt. The technology exists for producing research scripts on any topic, images and video based on that text and AI can now read an image which allow it to select the right animation for each image and place elements in accordance with good design heuristics.


By Emil Reisser-Weston MSc MEng – years in the making

Open eLMS recognised the potential early and has been developing since 2021.   The design system is built on its online eLearning authoring tool – Open eLMS Creator – which has been pushing the boundaries of what is possible in eLearning design for the last 15 years.  This means any AI generated course can be edited after delivery, using a simple drag and drop style interface.

eLearning authoring from a single line of text requires no prior instruction, simply enter your eLearning requirement, select the length of the course (number of slides) and whether you want a quiz at the end. will then get to work and generate the course for you, this will include video presenters, images, animation and background scenes in which you are setting your learning.  The system will also design several options for each screen so you can select the most appropriate or, if none of the designs are suitable, you can generate your own using Chat GPT’s own image generator.

If any of this sounds complex, don’t worry it’s not.  The process should take less than 60 second from start to finish.

What does the eLearning look like?

The eLearning is an immersive and engaging experience, basing the learning in virtual learning worlds.  This is not a presentation or vertical scrolling experience, the learning is closer in feel to an interactive documentary.  In an independent study carried out by the UK’s largest provider of social housing, this eLearning was found to have approval rates of 99%. 

Furthermore the eLearning has all the features you would expect in any eLearning such as interactive quizzes and knowledge checks.  And this is only the start, will be introducing customised computer generated presenters so you can star in your own eLearning and video production elements as the AI technology evolves.

How can I access for free? is offering a free version of this system online.  Simply go to and register to generate your eLearning. The eLearning course can then be downloaded and run within any Learning Management System.  We implore you to give it a go, it will take 60 seconds to change your approach to eLearning creation for life.

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