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Omniplex Learning launch viewpoint paper tackling learning innovation trends for 2023 and beyond

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Omniplex Learning releases viewpoint paper on the state of Learning innovation in 2023-24 in partnership with Fosway Group. This viewpoint paper provides insights on key developments in the learning landscape to support L&D strategy.

Omniplex Learning launch viewpoint paper tackling learning innovation trends for 2023 and beyond.
Omniplex Learning launch viewpoint paper tackling learning innovation trends for 2023 and beyond. 

The paper is a valuable insight into current L&D industry challenges, innovations, and tips on how to ensure effective skills enablement. It explores why optimising learning is a high priority for progressive learning teams and the innovations in learning that L&D professionals should be adding to their toolbox to provide greater organisational learning efficiency and effectiveness.

The paper follows a seminar session that David Perring, Director of Research at Fosway Group delivered with Omniplex Learning in October 2022, at their event ‘The Great Expectation.’ An event that focused on how the L&D industry has faced the challenges of our recent times. From COVID, to hybrid working; how can you adjust to a changing landscape that demands higher expectations on L&D departments?

Highlights from the Viewpoint paper

Research from Fosway Group states that 95% of HR professionals reported availability of talent is becoming a significant challenge. As a result, L&D teams are under pressure to scale up not only the learning that delivers performance today, but also the culture and workforce development that can enable organisations to deliver the new products, services and solutions that will make them effective tomorrow.

The Viewpoint paper details these challenges in more depth as well as providing a forecast for the coming trends and innovations of 2023 and beyond.

Key topics covered in the paper are:

  • Disruptive forces to L&D industry
  • Availability of skills
  • Pressures on L&D to drive skills development with greater efficiency
  • Embracing agile thinking in learning
  • Leveraging the efficiency and effectiveness of adaptive learning
  • Immersive learning
  • Lots of other innovations you can add to your toolbox!

“At Omniplex Learning we want to support our customers and the learning industry by making sure that L&D is made easier. To do that, we wanted to light the way into 2023-24 with analysed trends that will impact the entire industry, and inevitably filter down into organisational strategies. We wanted to bring to the forefront the innovations that will help learning teams think more strategically and guide them to success.” – Patrick Jocelyn, CEO of Omniplex Learning.

Download the viewpoint paper here.

Further to the paper, Omniplex Learning are hosting a webinar, In Conversation with: David Perring, L&D innovation 2023 and beyond, on 28th February 2023 to discuss the themes of the paper with David himself and Patrick Jocelyn. Register for the webinar here.


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