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Rise to the challenge of mobile learning

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Omniplex is co-hosting an event with Asda on mobile learning. The event will teach delegates how to create inherently responsive eLearning courses.

Asda Merchandising Centre of Excellence
Asda Merchandising Centre of Excellence 

Omniplex’s eLearning community is co-hosting an event with Asda next month: ‘Rise to the challenge of mobile learning’. The event will demonstrate how to effectively design learning for mobile devices, using Articulate’s authoring tools: Rise 360 and Storyline 360.

Designing mobile learning brings a host of additional considerations for eLearning developers, such as device type, button size and content length. Although there are many ways to design with mobile in mind; the event will share best practice tips and teach attendees how to make the most out of their mLearning courses.

Owen Smith, Asda’s Training Designer, will demonstrate how he has used Rise 360 and cleverly placed QR codes to increase engagement with Asda’s latest fundraising initiative; showing best practice tips to ensure a seamless user experience. 

Omniplex will then lead a step-by-step demonstration on how to use Rise 360 to build an inherently responsive eLearning course. Followed by a practical example of how Omniplex’s learning design division, Curism, created beautiful mobile learning for Beyond the Pill.

“We are so excited for this event. To see Articulate’s software pushed to the limits and create a truly interactive and engaging initiative for Asda is really exciting. This event will show attendees the truly ability of Rise 360” commented Hannah Waddams, Marketing Executive at Omniplex. 

Rise to the challenge of mobile learning’ is at Asda’s Merchandising Centre of Excellence in Leeds, on May 8th 2019.