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Omniplex becomes Articulate Certified training provider in China

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Omniplex have become the certified Articulate training provider in China, bringing expert training to Articulate users across the country.


Omniplex are thrilled to announce that they are the certified Articulate training provider in China. This certified status, granted by Yukon Learning – Articulate’s strategic training partner, enables Omniplex to provide outstanding training services to Articulate users across China.

“This is a fantastic opportunity for Omniplex to demonstrate our Articulate expertise” commented Matthew Lloyd, Omniplex’s CEO. “We have been the certified training provider in the UK since 2009, so we have a lot of experience with Articulate software. Our UK team have trained thousands of delegates in the last nine years, and the skills we’ve adopted along the way will undoubtedly help the China team.” 

Omniplex China will provide training courses in Articulate 360, Storyline and Studio, matching their UK offering. These courses are designed for a variety of skill levels and will teach learners how to use their Articulate software to its fullest capacity. Courses ensure learners have the ability to use advance features in the software; from conditional triggers and variables in Storyline, to developing interactive eLearning in Studio. Furthermore, Omniplex will offer an interactive one-day training course on Articulate 360, showing users how each app and service in their subscription can help them speed up their course development workflow.

Sophia Xing, China Country Manager at Omniplex, will run the certified training programme. Xing commented that “becoming an Articulate certified training provider is really exciting. Providing training for our customers complements our current offering of Articulate software licenses, eLearning content development and learning management systems.” 

Xing became a certified Articulate trainer in February 2018 and the first certified course is due to run on 13th April 2018 in Beijing. To learn more about Omniplex’s Articulate training in China please call +86 10 80445321 or visit