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Workplace Learning - The Closing Conversation: The Learning Futures We Choose

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Closing OEB 2023: A Reflective Conversation on The Future of Workplace Learning.

OEB takes place in Berlin from 22 to 24 November
OEB takes place in Berlin from 22 to 24 November 

As the final curtain draws on OEB 2023, Laura Overton, a luminary in the realm of workplace learning, invites attendees to an introspective wrap-up: "The Workplace Learning Closing Conversation."

Scheduled from 22-24 November in Berlin, OEB Learning Technologies Europe GmbH has seen diverse discourses on the state and future of learning. But before the close, Laura Overton will lead a conversation designed to consolidate the conference's collective wisdom, aiming to channel insights into actionable workplace strategies.

The OEB Conference has always championed forward-thinking in learning, and this session aims to embody that ethos. As attendees leave, the goal isn't just to return to their homes, but to become catalysts for meaningful change in their organisations and the broader world.

Laura Overton explains: “Amidst the dynamic flow of the OEB conference, a moment of reflection awaits – the Workplace Learning Closing Conversation. Here, we gather to pause, share insights, and consider the strides we'll take next. In the embrace of collective wisdom, we revisit our "Aha" moments, magnify the highlights, and channel our visions into actionable steps for our workplaces. If you're not ready for the OEB journey to end, crave the wisdom of shared experiences, value reflection, or simply relish connecting and networking with peers, this closing dialogue is your haven.”

Join us for a final fun, relaxed and reflective conversation, as we depart, not just home, but to catalyse change in our world.

“Workplace Learning - The Closing Conversation: The Learning Futures We Choose” will take place on Friday, Nov 24 at 16:15.

The full OEB 2023 Conference Agenda is online along with OEB 2023 Conference Ticket purchases and more information about the exhibition of new products and solutions, which runs alongside the conference.

Laura Overton
Analyst - Explorer - Writer - Facilitator, Learning Changemakers

Laura Overton is an experienced international speaker, author and facilitator with a passion for exploring, challenging and sharing. I believe that the role of learning leaders in the changing workplace is to unlock the potential of business and people. Her goal has always been to help learning leaders ensure that their organisations are equipped and ready through outcome-led and evidence informed practice.