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Generative AI and Emerging Tech to Reshape Education: OEB Conference‘s Big Reset Plenary Explores Transformative Impact

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The OEB Conference, slated for November 22-24 in Berlin, is set to culminate with a thought-provoking plenary session on Friday, November 24, which promises to delve deep into the transformative impact of emerging technologies, particularly generative AI, on the educational landscape.

Leading international experts, including Brent Anders, Director of Institutional Research and Analysis at the Center for Teaching and Learning, Armenia; Margaret Korosec, Dean of Online and Digital Education at the University of Leeds, UK; Sian Bayne, Professor of Digital Education at the Edinburgh Futures Institute, UK; and moderated by Gilly Salmon, CEO of Education Alchemists, will spearhead this unmissable session for all stakeholders in the field of education.

In an era marked by rapid technological advancements, with conversational and generative AI at the forefront, the realm of education and student assessment stands on the cusp of a profound transformation. This wave of developments challenges the conventional educational paradigm, redirecting the focus from educators to learners. The pivotal question looms large: are these changes not only inevitable but also an opportunity to revolutionise the very design of teaching and learning itself?

The plenary invites all attendees to participate in a stimulating discourse on the far-reaching impact of emerging technology on the education landscape. As society approaches a future where machines increasingly assume tasks previously performed by humans, a fundamental inquiry arises: does traditional learning still hold sway and promise in this brave new world? Furthermore, the plenary aims to probe the critical question of the role of human learning in a world where automated machines encroach on fields once solely inhabited by humans.

Guiding the conference through this profound exploration is Gilly Salmon, the session's moderator, who will challenge attendees to identify the unique attributes that distinguish human beings from machines and to chart a course towards a "reimagined future for education."

The highly anticipated "Big Reset" plenary is scheduled for Friday, November 24th, commencing at 9:30 a.m.

For more details about the OEB 2023 Conference Agenda, ticket purchases, and information on the exhibition of new products and solutions accompanying the conference, visit the official conference website.

About the Speakers:

Brent Anders
Director of Institutional Research and Analysis, Center for Teaching and Learning, Lecturer

Dr. Brent A. Anders holds a Doctorate in Education with a focus on online learning, educational technology, and instructional methodologies. Currently serving as the Director of the Office of Institutional Research and Assessment and the Center for Teaching and Learning at the American University of Armenia, Dr. Anders is also a lecturer specializing in professional communication. His research interests span AI in education, student motivation, and educational professional development.

Margaret Korosec
Dean of Online and Digital Education, University of Leeds

Margaret Korosec is a visionary strategic leader renowned for her creative and intentional approach to scaling online and digital education. As the Dean of Online and Digital Education at the University of Leeds in the United Kingdom, she leads the charge in establishing a design ecosystem aimed at supporting and expanding online education and enhancing the digitally-enabled student experience.

Sian Bayne
Professor of Digital Education, University of Edinburgh

Professor Sian Bayne assumes the role of Professor of Digital Education and Co-Director of Education at the Edinburgh Futures Institute. She also serves as the Assistant Principal Education Futures at the University of Edinburgh. With a research focus encompassing digital education, higher education futures, and utopias, Professor Bayne directs the Centre for Research in Digital Education and is a prominent figure in discussions on the future of digital education.

Gilly Salmon
CEO, Education Alchemists

Professor Gilly Salmon, the founder and CEO of Education Alchemists Ltd., is a stalwart in the field of learning design and pedagogical transformation. Her work encompasses online education, technology-enhanced teaching, and the development of the 5-stage model, e-tivities, and Education 4.0. Having held positions as Professor of Learning Transformation and pro-vice-chancellor at universities in the UK and Australia, she now operates globally from London, offering fully digital workshops and serving as a respected keynote speaker and workshop leader. Her books, "E-moderating" and "E-tivities," are considered seminal texts in the field.