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Nitrospark announces rapid gamification solution for current e-learning programmes and assets

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Nitrospark, the leading creator of games-based learning solutions, software and toolsets, announces the latest release of the Nitrospark games-management system, which enables rapid gamification of current e-learning content.

Jim Piggot, managing director, Nitrospark
Jim Piggot, managing director, Nitrospark 

Organisations with an established investment in e-learning programmes have typically found that embracing gamification can be both time-consuming and expensive – potentially requiring that current programmes be abandoned or redeveloped from scratch.

The latest version of Nitrospark’s games-management system, version 2.1, aims to significantly shorten this process – enabling e-learning programmes to quickly and easily adopt and exploit gamification techniques, without needing to recreate learning which is proven and paid for.

Nitrospark’s managing director, Jim Piggot, says that version 2.1 of the Nitrospark games-management system radically changes the speed and cost of adopting games-based learning. “By providing a structured, fast and low-cost means of gamifying current e-learning programmes,” says Piggot, “organisations can have their cake and eat it. They don’t have to start over – they can simply build on what they have. Excuse the pun, but this is a real game changer.”

The Nitrospark games-management system provides the user with a unified, graphical interface – which is easily customisable to include current learning modules and content. To these, gamification processes can be easily added – including missions (in-game quests, tasks and levels), achievements (rewards such as trophies, badges, awards and stamps) and medals (specific rewards for a level of achievement). Integration with the organisation’s learning-management system is achieved easily, using SCORM, XAPI, Tin Can or other protocols.

“The games-management system can support learners through the course of the programme,” says Piggot. “It’s a powerful platform that connects e-learning programmes, the organisation’s learning-management system and of course games-based learning. It’s the equivalent of the biggest ladder in snakes and ladders – it enables organisations to head straight towards games-based learning while avoiding all of the pitfalls.”

Nitrospark is exhibiting at Learning Technologies 2017, on stand M17. As part of the event, Nitrospark will be running a games-based learning programme ‘what do you know about the United Kingdom?’ – which is open to all of the event’s attendees. The ten people with the highest scores will receive a two-month Nitrospark software licence; the highest score will receive a Samsung Galaxy Tab E tablet, worth around £150.