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Megatrends Reshaping the Future: The Crucial Role of L&D in Business Transformation

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Today, Mind Tools for Business has published the third and final instalment of its 2023 Annual L&D Benchmark Report.

Mind Tools Annual L&D Benchmark Report 2023 Part 3
Mind Tools Annual L&D Benchmark Report 2023 Part 3 

The report explores the modern L&D role and how it can support business transformation in the context of three megatrends: digitalization, climate change and demographic shifts.

The task of predicting L&D’s future is challenging but not impossible. So far in this year’s three-part report series, we’ve reflected on the journey L&D teams have shared over the last 20 years. We've identified practices that define top-performing organizations and consulted data collected from learning leaders, business leaders and employees to establish key areas that organizations should prioritize today (such as strategic and business alignment). Armed with this knowledge, this report concentrates on the evolving landscape of workplace learning to identify how L&D teams can prepare to meet the changing needs of the business.

The report covers digital intelligence as an L&D capability, strategic technology use, the impact of climate change on employment and skills, fostering innovative learning cultures, and leveraging the strengths of multi-generational workforces.

Anna Barnett, Senior Researcher at Mind Tools, comments:

“As a function in the business, L&D is evolving. Today, L&D teams that are achieving the most are not just “delivering training” but transforming businesses through learning. The role is an important one that can’t be properly fulfilled by professionals with traditional attitudes and capabilities. The industry needs L&D specialists who are courageous, empathetic and willing to share with others, to establish learning cultures that are innovative, connected, and self-directed.”