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Emerald Works launches new Responsible Business Pillar and partners with Working Chance

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At Emerald Works, we are always looking at new ways to help the local and global communities that we serve. We want to be a responsible business and part of that means harnessing the power of our learning products to make a positive impact in the wider world.

Emerald Works partnership with Working Chance
Emerald Works partnership with Working Chance 

Since our launch in February 2020, we’ve been busy developing a new Responsible Business Pillar that will help us to do this. It will sit alongside the existing Pillars set out by our parent company, Emerald Group Publishing.

“Empowering people to become work-ready”

Emerald Works’ Responsible Business Pillar will enable us to supply our comprehensive library of Mind Tools’ learning resources to charities that support people who want to re-enter the workforce.

Our aim is to reach out to people who need that little bit of extra help getting back into work by providing them with tools that will not only allow them to develop their soft skills, but will also build their confidence and enable them to take control of their careers.

Giving people a Working Chance

As part of our new Pillar, we’re excited to announce a new partnership with Working Chance, a UK-based charity that helps women with criminal convictions (around half of whom have been in prison) to develop their employability and self-belief, and to find jobs that they can truly thrive in. Its main mission is to give women who’ve had very few breaks in life purpose, independence and hope!

The evidence is clear: supplying people exiting prison with jobs reduces re-offending by 30 percent. And yet, only nine percent of women have a job to go to on release and 58 percent reoffend within a year of leaving prison. 

There’s no doubt that there are hurdles to overcome – employer prejudice, instability in the job market and lack of skills – all of this can make it so much harder to get back into employment.

Working Chance have already done so much to help women with convictions to find jobs. In fact, less than four percent of the people they work with re-offend, and 83 percent are still in work after six months. It places an average of 200 women into work each year, and works with just under 500 people who are on their journey to rehabilitation.

We hope that by partnering with Working Chance we can help them and the women they work with to achieve even more positive outcomes and increase the opportunities for women with convictions seeking to learn and develop their skills and careers.

For more information about Emerald Groups social responsibility and sustainability activities, read our statement here. For any other questions related to our activities as a responsible business please contact Melissa Fojt on [email protected] and Lee Murphy on [email protected].