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MicroLearn Releases Course Updates ahead of Learning Technologies 2018

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MicroLearn have undertaken a catalogue-wide upgrade to kick off 2018, implementing a range of exciting new navigation features to enhance content usability. The team will be releasing the updated content at this year’s Learning Technologies Conference and Exhibition, in London, on January 31 – February 1.

MicroLearn Releases Course Updates ahead of LT18
MicroLearn Releases Course Updates ahead of LT18 

The team at MicroLearn started work on the update, which is designed to improve navigation, in September 2017 following suggestions from learners and administrators to maximise the learning journey through the modules.

MicroLearn’s Creative Director, Alison Soper, said: “Feedback and reviews from customers are really at the core of what we do, meaning we take all comments on board and, where appropriate, aim to rapidly and dynamically make improvements to reflect that feedback.”

The most noticeable new feature is the addition of an information button, which takes users to a handy pop-up Help Guide, explaining the purpose of the key features within the module including the progress indicator and the new downloadable resource options.

To draw the learner’s attention to the expanded learning content in the module, a new indicator screen has been added at the end of each whiteboard-style explainer video to highlight the vertical scrolling course design and encourage learners to progress down through the module content. While each section now has a green tick competition indicator to highlight which activities the learner has interacted with, making it easier to keep track of the activities that have yet to be completed.

As well as the new downloadable resource option, which is designed to further learning opportunities beyond the course through the inclusion of extra resources such as relevant infographics and associated transcripts, the update also includes an improved “Well Done” section, providing learners with the three most important takeaways from each topic, reinforcing the course’s content and aiding retention.

“Content usability, quality and engagement are our top priorities,” added, Alison. “Which is why we’ve focused on developing our resources to ensure they are as simple and easy to navigate as possible, whilst maintaining their compact and impactful delivery.”

This is just the first in a scheduled series of catalogue upgrades, designed to improve MicroLearn’s growing content library, making it even more accessible, informative and engaging.

For more information on the update and MicroLearn’s extensive course catalogue, visit or grab a cuppa in the MicroLearn Café (Stand P14) at Learning Technologies.

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