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Case Study: Spark NZ getting ahead with ITIL Certification

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Spark New Zealand, the nation's premier telecommunications and digital services company, is committed to shaping the future. In collaboration with Lumify Work New Zealand (formerly Auldhouse), they have empowered their service management teams through a private ITIL Foundation training and certification program, resulting in significant benefits for both the organisation and its employees.


Spark New Zealand is New Zealand’s largest telecommunications and digital services company. And as you’d expect, they prioritise their ability to deliver service excellence to internal and external customers.


Sam Stulen is Tribe Enabler - Technology Services and Customer at Spark New Zealand and works closely with the Tribe Lead, Penny White, to ensure that our service teams are trained and achieve ITIL Foundation certifications to deliver the best possible customer outcomes.

“As an organisation that values best practice, we believe it’s important to get those foundations right. To do that, we felt it was critical that our service management people were all equipped with a holistic understanding of ITIL, including the four ITIL pillars and the five stages of the service lifecycle.

“So, we asked Lumify Work to deliver private ITIL foundation workshops over 2022 and 2023 to train and certify around 120 team members.

“We saw it as an opportunity to align everyone – to make sure they walked away from the training workshops with exactly the same perspective and level of understanding of ITIL. This would ensure our people uniformly adhere to best practice service guidelines across the board, regardless of which organisation they work for now - or in the future.”


Spark has engaged Lumify Work New Zealand (formerly Auldhouse) as a training provider for many years. It’s a strong partnership, underpinned by a close relationship with Leigh Richardson, Lumify Work’s Northern Regional Sales Manager.

“There was never any question about who we would engage for this training,” says Sam. “From my perspective, Leigh is the clincher for us. She's clearly quite passionate about what she does and is exceptionally responsive. She’s always willing to bend over backwards to accommodate us in terms of timing, customisation, and providing competitive, flexible training solutions that work for us.”


Lumify Work delivered a number of two-day training workshops to Spark staff nationally.

“We had excellent feedback from our people about the courses and the training,” says Sam. “Our staff consistently commented that the trainers were ‘engaged and enthusiastic’. They made learning ITIL fun, which was greatly appreciated by our team – and of course, it fires them up to do more training.”

Direct feedback from the Spark New Zealand service team included,

“A huge thank you for all your guidance and wisdom shared! I can honestly say you kept me engaged and interested across both days!”

As well as many excited and grateful emails to Work Lumify trainers to share successful exam scores.

Of those who have completed their post-ITIL 4 Foundation certification exams to date, only one person didn’t pass on the day - but naturally, can re-sit the exam at their leisure.


Lumify Work New Zealand (formerly Auldhouse) is an accredited ITIL training organisation and a member of the IT Service Management Forum (itSMF). We help you prepare not only for your ITIL Certification exams, but also implementing ITIL successfully within your organisation. We go beyond the service management essentials and look at your ITIL needs in a holistic manner.

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