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Lumesse TalentLink 12 delivers industry’s clearest roadmap to next generation of socially-focused, fully integrated SaaS talent management solutions

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Lumesse, Europe’s largest independent talent management solutions company, has released the most extensive upgrade to date of Lumesse TalentLink, its SaaS talent management system. This new version, Lumesse TalentLink 12, available immediately, offers the clearest roadmap to a new generation of socially-focused, fully unified talent management solutions designed to drive universal user adoption, high employee engagement, and productive full-lifecycle talent management across all types of business processes.

Lumesse TalentLink 12 also represents the first phase of the expansion of this market-leading talent acquisition system to a fully-integrated, full lifecycle talent management solution with the addition of HR Core, Performance Management and Career & Succession Planning capabilities. The new talent management functionality continues the true SaaS DNA of Lumesse TalentLink with multi-tenancy, multi-client, effective dating, self-configuration and a highly configurable workflow and user interface at the heart of the system. The talent management capabilities will continue to expand as the 2012 roadmap is executed, and they will be joined by exciting new capabilities in social collaboration, and integrated learning based on the award-winning technology acquired in 2011 with Edvantage Group.

Other key enhancements in Lumesse TalentLink 12, which is available immediately, include deep integration with LinkedIn and Facebook social recruiting processes, new talent acquisition capabilities driving employer branding and business process efficiency, and enhanced analytics and reporting apps for extracting and visualising information in a 'big data' era.

"Lumesse TalentLink 12 blows away the clouds of uncertainty created by the wave of consolidation in our industry, and delivers a major upgrade to the capabilities available to our customers in the area of integrated talent management," said Lumesse CEO, Matthew Parker.

"Lumesse is leveraging the total control we have over our product roadmap to innovate against our vision for fully unified SaaS talent management in a socially networked world. While other vendors struggle to find common ground in multiple, incompatible SaaS and non-SaaS offerings, Lumesse is driving ahead with a single-minded, customer-driven development roadmap for Lumesse TalentLink that brings innovation and clarity to our global user base, removes the risk of product obsolescence, and delivers true economic and social benefits to our customers."

Lumesse TalentLink 12 recognises the growing importance of social networks in talent acquisition with seamless integrations to both LinkedIn and Facebook, opening the door to a global online talent pool now in excess of a billion people. The new 'Apply with your LinkedIn profile' capability in Lumesse TalentLink v12 gives candidates the opportunity for quick and easy application using their LinkedIn profile, transferring the key data from the profile directly into their job application within Lumesse TalentLink. This new feature also allows Lumesse TalentLink customers to attract high quality, but passive, candidates who may not have CVs ready but do have a LinkedIn profile. Similarly, with the integration of the world's leading Facebook recruiting application, 'Work for Us' from Work4 Labs, into its enterprise talent acquisition solution, Lumesse TalentLink 12 offers companies the ability to extend their current career websites to post jobs automatically on Facebook, attract passive candidates through deeper engagement and use data driven social referrals to maximize response.

Recognising that busy hiring managers and recruiting professionals need to maximize their productivity, Lumesse TalentLink 12 also delivers important new process efficiency gains with new features such as a job creation wizard and standard job advert templates - The new job creation wizard offers an improved User Experience (UX) and drives user adoption by assisting infrequent users when creating a requisition. Job advert templates allows users to centrally define and maintain job advert information templates that follow corporate branding strategy and enhance corporate identity while also saving time in the requisition creation stage.

With many companies focusing on the need to manage and optimize 'big data' strategies this release of Lumesse TalentLink continues the theme of enhancing its reporting and analytics capabilities, with the development of a number of new analysis reports as apps that can be added to the highly configurable Lumesse TalentLink user workspace. These include career site search traffic analysis, application process traffic analysis, recruiting channels effectiveness, amongst many others.

"This release takes Lumesse TalentLink into a very exciting new phase of development where extensive new talent management capabilities and key social tools for talent acquisition are tightly integrated into the industry's most attractive and configurable user experience, where key process improvements will drive user adoption and engagement, and where important roadmap developments in talent management, social collaboration and integrated learning will start to become evident," said Lumesse CEO, Matthew Parker. "In a market that must be confusing and unsettling for many companies, at Lumesse we're excited to be delivering once again on our clear vision of fantastic outcomes for our customers, business partners and their people."