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The neuroscience of perception, creativity, bias and learning

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Beau Lotto, Director of LottoLab, is to provide the opening address on day two at the upcoming Learning Technologies Conference 2023, taking place on 3-4 May in London.


Learning Technologies 2023, opening address day two - The neuroscience of perception, creativity, bias and learning: Learning Technologies Conference on 3 and 4 May will open on day two with an address by Beau Lotto, Director of LottoLab,.

Learning Technologies Conference Chair, Donald H Taylor, said: “Today’s busy, noisy world is a challenge – for us, and for anyone we want to help learn. In this keynote, Professor Beau Lotto, a leading expert in perception, returns to the keynote stage to discuss how we can make the most of our amazing minds in these uncertain times.” 

Beau Lotto will take us on a journey through learning, perception and the power of going from knowing to understanding. Along the way we’ll explore why we need to let go of our addiction to certainty if we are to thrive in today’s increasingly uncertain world.

That uncertainty plays havoc with one key part of being a learning leader – making decisions. It’s no longer enough to collect and assess all available information before making a decision. There’s too much of it, and it changes too quickly. Instead, we have to escape the ‘certainty trap’ and create cultures that understand how to change well to the decisions we make.

But this – like all learning – can only be done well if we understand how our brain operates, the biases and assumptions that shape perception and the difference between knowledge and understanding. We don’t ‘download’ information from the world. Rather we create meaning from that information and our perception – this can accelerate our speed of learning, but it can also be a hindrance if our confirmation bias takes us in a direction we don’t really want to go.

Beau will show how understanding our brain’s craving for meaning, and working with it, will liberate us to work better ourselves, and also improve how we help others in their learning.

The full programme is available on the event website: Learning Technologies 2023 Conference. Conference passes are on sale, with a £100 saving for bookings before 17 March: Learning Technologies 2023 Conference Conference Passes.

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Learning Technologies 2023
3-4 May 2023, London ExCeL


Beau Lotto
Director, LottoLab

Dr. Beau Lotto is a globally renowned neuroscientist whose studies in human perception have taken him well beyond the scientific domain and into the fields of education, the arts, and business. He believes passionately in the potential impact of his work on corporate innovation and creativity. He has given two TED Talks, which have had more than 1.6 million online viewers combined. Dr. Lotto’s scientific research is based on a deep and fundamental interest in human beings. His ambitious ideas about the relevance of science to ordinary people have taken him to places where few other scientists have ventured—including into exhibition space inside London’s Science Museum, where his company, Lottolab, was resident from 2010 – 2012. Dr. Lotto’s education program led to the publication of the first-ever peer-reviewed scientific paper written by schoolchildren (“Blackawton bees,” published by the Royal Society).