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Learning analytics at Learning Technologies 2023

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The Learning Technologies Conference this May will hear from Network Rail on its experiences of measuring learning and dealing with the results.


Learning Technologies 2023 - Using analytics in learning: the business benefits and the challenge of change.

At Learning Technologies 2023, 3-4 May in London, Guy Wilmshurst-Smith and Richard Brown from Network Rail and Jonny Buckley, Transport Advisor from PA Consulting, will explore learning analytics: both getting the data (the easy part) and dealing with it (the hard part).

This session covers the full complexity of using analytics in learning – and it goes well beyond the data. Yes, we explore some of what is possible with data. Can you demonstrate that some training correlates with an increase in productivity? With access to the right data and good analysis, certainly you can. But that’s only the start of the journey.

Arguably the more difficult part starts next – how do you ensure impact from your data? How do you tell your story around it in a compelling form, and, most importantly, how do you ensure that your L&D team is ready to have difficult conversations with the business about what the data says. Managers and stakeholders may not want to hear the message that the data tells – and L&D people may not be able to put the message across. Worse, some will avoid the responsibility of moving from training conversations to performance-based discussions. Join us to learn how to overcome this and take your data from analysis to impact. 

Learning Technologies Conference Chair, Donald H Taylor, said: “If you think dealing with data is hard, try people. This session covers both – how you can get access to data and interpret it, and then the difficult part: using that data to tell a compelling story to your business, even when that means being accountable for delivering bad news about performance and having to have a tough conversation about performance.”

Using analytics in learning: the business benefits and the challenge of change takes place on day two of the conference, 4 May, and covers:

  • Examples of the power of learning analytics including its application to non-technical skills.
  • Ensuring that you have the right data, and the ability to interpret it
  • Telling your data story right: compelling, non-threatening, and with impact
  • Why vision is not enough – repeatedly making the case for your data
  • The challenge: the shift from training to data and performance

The full programme is available on the event website: Learning Technologies 2023 Conference. Conference passes are on sale: Learning Technologies 2023 Conference Conference Passes.

Your Conference Pass includes all conference tracks and theatres, networking lunch and drinks and full access to both days of the exhibition. There are two ticket types, including our premium option for those looking to get the most out of your experience at Learning Technologies.


Learning Technologies 2023
3-4 May 2023, London ExCeL


Guy Wilmshurst-Smith
Head Network Rail Training, Network Rail

Guy Wilmshurst-Smith is Head of Network Rail Training, leading a 500 strong team that delivers learning services to Network Rail and the wider industry. Recent years have seen a drive to utilise technology to create a system of more immersive training shaped by data to enable better train performance and safety in the service of passengers. He has served in Network Rail for 8 years following 30 years in various roles within the Royal Engineers seeing tours across the world including the Arctic, Falkland Islands, Balkans, Belize, Kenya, Hong Kong, Iraq, Sudan and Afghanistan.

Richard Brown
Head of Future Capability, Network Rail

Richard Brown on LinkedIn

Jonny Buckley
Transport Advisor, PA Consulting Limited - London

Jonny Buckley is a Partner in PA Consulting, focusing on developing frontline organisational capability through people, process and technology solutions.  Following a career in frontline delivery in defence, Network Rail and wider rail industry he joined PA where for the past 7 years he has supported a range of infrastructure clients.  A key element of his work is in leveraging operational data to ascertain the link between competence and team performance, thereby turning training spend from an overhead to an investment.  This work in support of Network Rail Training won the SEMTA Skills Innovation of the Year award 2021.