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Influencing change: 5 new L&D approaches to thinking for 2021

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Laura Overton joins LT Digital Experience, on 18 February, with a conference session on new L&D approaches for 2021: part of the Premium Programme of conference sessions over the two-week LTDX21 event.

Laura Overton: ‘new L&D approaches’
Laura Overton: ‘new L&D approaches’ 

How can L&D cut through the noise to surface the priority actions that will deliver in your workplace?

Laura Overton was the driving force behind a 15-year global research programme to uncover how learning innovation can improve business value. During 2020, she has been part of a team exploring how we can emerge stronger as a result of the challenges we’ve been facing.

“Combining insights from global experts, seasoned practitioners over the last 6 months of 2020 with her research findings, she will share 5 new thinking habits to help practitioners at all levels work smarter and influence change,” explains LTDX21 Premium Programme Chair, Donald H Taylor.

Laura Overton’s session ‘Influencing change: 5 new L&D approaches to thinking for 2021 takes place on day two of the Premium Programme conference, Tuesday 18 Feb at 10:30. Join in this interactive conversation to explore:

  • The essential starting point

  • 5 new thinking habits

  • Which of my thinking habits are keeping me chained to the past?

  • What practical approaches do I need to adopt or accelerate to increase business value?

  • Influencing change - if I only do one thing differently - what should it be?

The full programme and registration for the free-to-attend sessions and Premium Passes priced at £250 + VAT, are available on the LT Digital Experience 2021 website

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15-26 February 2021

Laura Overton
International Speaker, Author, Facilitator, Analyst

Laura Overton is an award winning learning analyst and the original CEO and founder of Towards Maturity. Dedicated to uncovering and sharing effective practices in learning innovation that deliver business value, she is the author of over 40 reports and hundreds of articles. Her work is based on 30 years of practical experience and a commitment to evidence based learning decisions backed by decades of global independent research with learning leaders and workers around the globe. In the UK, Laura is an Academic Fellow of the CIPD and a fellow of the Learning and Performance Institute. In February 2010, she was the first woman to be awarded the Learning and Performance Institute’s prestigious Colin Corder Award for services to training and was the recipient of the inaugural elearning age Special Achievement award at the 2012 elearning awards. In 2018 she was voted the most influential person in corporate elearning in the globe and the top UK listed person (a position held since 2014).