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Adapt Learning partnership shortlisted for award

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The Adapt Learning project has been shortlisted for ‘Social and Collaborative Learning Solution of the Year’ at the Learning Awards 2014.


The innovative project is a collaborative development programme set up by a group of like-minded organisations: City & Guilds Kineo, Learning Pool and Sponge UK. Its aim is to use the power of open source collaboration to create and support the world’s best tool for developing responsive e-learning.

Most e-learning is device specific with separate desktop and mobile versions that increase cost and maintenance. The vision of those behind Adapt is to be able to create one version that adapts intelligently to each device. This will save end users both time and money as it will remove the need for multiple versions.

In addition, Adapt is an open source project using social tools to develop the best solution for the community. This means organisations will not have to pay any licence fee for the Adapt code and also encourages a large global community of users and developers to work together on the project. An online community has been built around the development where people can share ideas and get involved in the project. A demo will also be available on this site in the coming weeks.

Sven Laux, Technical Director at City & Guilds Kineo said: "Adapt Learning is about bringing people together and achieving something ambitious and of value to the entire learning community. We are very happy with the level of interest and momentum the project has already generated and are enjoying working with great people across organisational boundaries."

This award is for an enterprise that has delivered engagement, knowledge and/or skills using social media that demonstrates high quality and innovation – in terms of infrastructure, content and instructional techniques. The winning project will also have to show that it has had a clearly demonstrable business impact on the organisation.

There will be a presentation to the judges on 29 November where the project leaders will detail the key outcomes and achievements of Adapt to date as well as the potential future benefits. The winner will be announced at the Learning Awards ceremony in London on 6 February 2014.

Visit the Adapt Community Site here