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Nick Shackleton-Jones on L&D’s role: LearningNow tv this week

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December’s Learning Now tv interviews Nick Shackleton-Jones on the state of the learning sector and how L&D professionals need to rethink their role.

Nick Shackleton-Jones on LNTV this Thursday
Nick Shackleton-Jones on LNTV this Thursday 

In this month’s LNTV programme, which is being broadcast earlier than usual, ahead of the holidays, on Thursday 14 December, the team interviews Nick Shackleton-Jones, recipient of the 2017 Colin Corder award. Nick talks about the current state of the L&D sector and says people should think differently about their role in the organisation.

An Coppens is an expert on gaming techniques in learning and, in an interview for LNTV, explains what gamification is and how it helps people to learn.

Also this month: Marco Faccini on the future of virtual reality in learning; career stories with three US learning veterans; a report from Australia on creativity and communication.

This month’s Learning Now tv is on Thursday December 14 at 10 am and later at 8 pm. And the show will be available on catch up from the LNTV website three days later.

The full programme of interviews and features for December’s LNTV show:

  • Nick Shackleton-Jones talks about the current state of the learning sector and says L&D professionals should think differently about their role in the organisation. Listen out for ‘Detonation Postcards’ - or was that ‘Destination Postcards’?

  • An Coppens, Chief Game Changer at Gamification Nation, dispels some myths surrounding gamification and learning - so just what is gamification and how does it help people learn?

  • Marco Faccini explains the current position of Virtual Reality in the corporate world and says that the future is not about awareness training but immersive learning.

  • Australia correspondent Helen Blunden returns to LNTV and talks to the multi-skilled Meredith Lewis about creativity and workplace communication.

  • Michelle Parry-Slater concludes her series on looking at L&D outside the corporate space by reflecting on the past interviews and picks out some of the common themes.

  • Robin Hoyle looks at learning technology and the difference between modality and media in light of the recent GoodPractice research on what managers really think about learning technologies.

  • LNTV’s US correspondent recently spoke to three training and development veterans (Neil Lasher, Brandon Carson and Ajay Pangarkar) to explore their stories on how they entered the training and development profession.

The next Learning Now tv programme is on Thursday December 14 at 10 am UK time with the live social stream with Colin Steed from 9.50 am; and again later the same day at 8 pm UK time.