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The Happy Manifesto: creating a happy organisation on LNTV

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On this month’s Learning Now tv Henry Stewart discusses his 'Happy Manifesto' and explains how organisations are reaping the benefits; Blue Eskimo’s Nick Bate interviewed on learning sector salaries and working conditions; Euan Semple on corporate social media strategy.

Henry Stewart discusses his Happy Manifesto with Kim George: LNTV, Thursday 28 January, 8 pm
Henry Stewart discusses his Happy Manifesto with Kim George: LNTV, Thursday 28 January, 8 pm 

In this month’s LNTV programme, Henry Stewart, veteran of the learning industry and pioneer of ‘happy’ working environments, discusses his 'Happy Manifesto' with Kim George and talks about how his company has benefitted from letting staff make their own decisions. Nigel Paine interviews Nick Bate of recruitment agency Blue Eskimo ahead of this year’s Learning Sector Work and Salary Report, and Euen Semple talks to LNTV on social media strategy and its impact on work.

The programme starts at 8.00 pm UK time on Thursday 28 January, with Ady Howes’ live social stream from 7.45 pm for viewers to join in with.

January’s LNTV programme:

  • Euan Semple talks to Nigel about corporate social media strategy and explains why social media will have a significant impact on work.
  • Henry Stewart discusses his 'Happy Manifesto' with Kim and explains how many organisations are reaping the benefits of this approach. He also talks about giving staff the ownership of their job and how it has benefitted his company to let staff make their own decisions.
  • Blue Eskimo's Nick Bate comes into the studio to discuss with Kim the results of the soon to be published Annual Salary Survey.
  • Michelle Parry Slater and Amy Brann talk to Nigel about how this successful team work together and explain why this has been so successful.
  • US Reporter Brent Schlenker goes to the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas and highlights some of the new gear that would be useful in learning.
  • Australian correspondent Helen Blunden talks to David Guest about the importance of business coaching is to owners of small businesses.
  • LNTV’s new reporter for The Netherlands and Belgium, Ger Driesen, went to the recent VOV (a community of L&D professionals) event and speaks to the keynote speaker about the future of learning as well as some of the other notable people at the event.
  • Jon Kennard's Trainers' Tips this month focuses on how to combat the Ebbinghaus Forgetting Curve.

The next Learning Now tv programme is on Thursday January 28, 8.00 pm UK time with the regular live social stream with Ady Howes from 7.45 pm.