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Internet Trends Report 2016: relevance for L&D

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On this month’s Learning Now tv Martin Couzins looks at Mary Meaker’s Internet Trends Report and assesses its implications for L&D.

Kim George, Nigel Paine and the Learning Now TV team return Thursday 30 June
Kim George, Nigel Paine and the Learning Now TV team return Thursday 30 June 

Journalist Martin Couzins this month reports on the Mary Meaker Internet Trends Report 2016, highlighting the points that are important for all of us in L&D.

Also on Learning Now tv this month: Paul Matthews discusses the importance of performance consulting and LNTV invites Sukh Pabial to discuss his recent blog on diversity in L&D.

This month’s LNTV programme is on Thursday 30 June, starting at 8.00 pm UK time, with Ady Howes’ live social stream from 7.45 pm for viewers to join in with.

The full programme of interviews and features for June’s LNTV show:

  • Andrew Jacobs gives us some practical advice to help you make the traction in changing the way you provide L&D

  • Martin Couzins focuses on Mary Meaker's Internet Trends Report 2016 and highlights the points that are important for all of us in L&D

  • Brent Schlenker’s US Report focuses on live video streaming apps where he tries a few of the latest out. He also welcomes a special report from Tom Spiglanin where he spoke at the recent Focus on Learning Conference.

  • Paul Matthews discusses just what Performance Consulting is and how L&D must embrace it to enhance the performance of the business

  • Michelle Parry-Slater continues her 'No Plasters' campaign this month, focusing on how we get started by making some small changes in the organisation

  • Sukh Pabial talks about his recent blog which focused on the topic of Diversity in L&D

  • Helen Blunden's Australian Report features an interview with the director of Australian eLearning provider Liberate eLearning where she asks him to explain how his company keeps up to date with the latest tools and techniques

  • Ben Betts, from the acclaimed Curatr platform, talks to LNTV about his company's Gold Award win at the Learning Awards for their work on social technology with Villeroy & Boch

The next Learning Now tv programme is on Thursday June 30, 8.00 pm UK time with the regular live social stream with Ady Howes from 7.45 pm.