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Women in leadership: Mary-Louise Angoujard on Learning Now tv

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Mary-Louise Angoujard, Managing Director of leadership communications consultancy Rapporta is centre stage on May’s edition of Learning Now tv, the live-streamed Internet television channel for the L&D sector.

Mary-Louise Angoujard, Managing Director, Rapporta: 8 pm May 28 LNTV
Mary-Louise Angoujard, Managing Director, Rapporta: 8 pm May 28 LNTV 

The upcoming edition of Learning Now tv, Thursday 28 May, features an exclusive interview with Mary-Louise Angoujard who had a key role in developing and delivering McDonald’s Women's Leadership Development programme. McDonald’s have seen an increase to 34% women leaders in the business since the start of the programme in 2007.  Mary-Louise talks to Learning Now tv’s Nigel Paine about the importance of confidence and proactivity for women to make the most of their capabilities in order to achieve their ambitions for senior leadership roles.

Executive producer, Colin Steed: “Mary-Louise sheds light on an important aspect of this issue that affects every large business. It’s a fascinating interview with great insights about women’s leadership development. If your business needs more women in senior roles then this interview is for you.”

“And it’s just one of many inspirational interviews in this month’s programme. This month’s show is again packed with a host of practical tips and guidance. There’s something for everyone in L&D today.”

The next Learning Now tv programme is on Thursday May 28, 8.00 pm UK time with a live social stream with Ady Howes available from 7.45 pm.

May 28th’s programme highlights:

  • Andy Lopata on business networking
  • Toby Harris, Saffron Interactive - award-winning social learning project
  • Mary-Louise Angoujard about women in leadership
  • Rob Hubbard explains social and collaborative learning at BP
  • expert Mark Berthelemy incorporating XAPI into the learning mix
  • A day in the life of a learning designer at Kineo
  • We hear from one of Masie's 30 under 30's Gus Jaramillo
  • Your Say - The LMS is not dead, get over it! and the No Plasters campaign
  • Tips for running events
  • US reporter Brent Schlenker