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VR training for surgeons

Learning News

ARuVR won Gold Best Digital Learning Transformation Programme at the Learning Technologies Awards 2022. Interview with CEO, Frank Furnari.


ARuVR won gold for the best digital learning transformation programme at the Learning Technologies Awards for its virtual reality training for surgeons, overturning centuries-old training practices.

The judges said: “An innovative and impactful project using VR and 360 imagery in the operating theatre to train a new generation of surgeons, transforming the way the subject has been taught for the last 200 years. It has had a significant impact on both the organisation and the learners, improving the experience, accelerating the learning curve and mitigating risk.”

The programme is clearly ideal for this kind of training in reducing risk, but the results also showed an 80-90% increase in content retention over the old training programme.

“Virtual reality training is going to be very important across the world of work and this project is a great example of what's possible,” said Rob Clarke from Learning News.